Csc532: Term Paper Presentation topic: Agile Modeling Presented By: polam sunitha. Agile modeling

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CSC532:Term Paper Presentation

  • TOPIC:
  • Agile Modeling
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  • Communication
  • Simplicity
  • Feedback
  • Courage
  • Humility


  • Assume simplicity while modeling
  • Embrace changes while you are working as requirements do change over time
  • Incrementally change your system to enable agility



  • Goals of Agile Modeling
  • The Scope of Agile Modeling
  • It focuses only on effective modeling and documentation.
  • Figure1. AM enhances other software processes.

Agile Model-Driven Development

  • Figure2: The AMDD lifecycle

Test –Driven Development (TDD)

Comparisions of TDD and AMDD

  • TDD shortens the programming feedback loop whereas AMDD shortens the modeling feedback loop.
  • TDD provides detailed specification (tests) whereas AMDD can provide traditional specifications (data models).
  • TDD “speaks” to programmers whereas AMDD speaks to data professionals
  • TDD is non-visually oriented whereas AMDD is visually oriented
  • TDD provides concrete evidence that your software works whereas AMDD supports your team, including stakeholders, in working toward a common understanding.
  • TDD promotes the development of high-quality code whereas AMDD promotes high-quality communication with your stakeholders and other developers.


  • TDD should be seen as complementary to Agile Model-Driven Development (AMDD) approaches and the two can and should be used together
  • TDD does not replace traditional testing, instead it defines a proven way to ensure effective unit testing.
  • From the design point of view AMDD is different from traditional development approaches but still leads to an effective modeling approach.


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