Cry Freedom/South African Apartheid Writing Project

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Cry Freedom/South African Apartheid Writing Project

For the past two weeks in class we have studied the apartheid in South Africa and completed a film study with Cry Freedom. Using apartheid notes, film study, internet and knowledge gained students will write three essay comparing, analyzing and researching concepts from the film and apartheid. All documents must be submitted using google docs and must be received as a invite to the teacher email.

Project Tasks

  1. Go to Mr. Miller’s web page at to see all essay topics.

  2. Using your notes and film study, write one essay in each of the three categories(comparative, analytical, research)

  3. Save all writings in google docs, you will send all essays at one time by inviting to view at (Miller will show in class) All docs titles should start with period # followed by first initial, last name (1st period bmiller)

  4. After you have sent document, check with Mr. Miller to be sure it was received.

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