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Marta Vosyliute was born in Vilnius. She graduated M.K.Ciurlionis Art Gymnasium and studied in Vilnius Art Academy the subject of Stage Design, and has got BA [1999] and MA [2001] diplomas. In 2006 she has finished postgraduate studies.

Marta Vosyliute is participating in painting, drawing and other shows and has made several personal exhibitions. She has done stage design for more than a 30 plays in drama, musical theatre and dance performances all over Lithuania and is specially interested in non traditional spaces for performing arts.

Also writes critical texts on different culture themes or essay texts and participates in conferences.

Solo exhibitions:

NIDA anD other demons / НИДА И ДРУГИЕ ДЕМОНЫ [ Konigsberg/Kaliningrad, Centre for interpersonal relations in „Youth“ park, 2012]

SECT AND NIDA‘S DREAM [ Panevėžys Photogallery, 2012]

PAINTINGS FROM E.ANDRE PARK IN LENTVARIS [ Kėdainiai polycultural centre, 2012]

Ventės ragas postcards [ gallery Lift, Klaipėda, 2011]

Painting exhibition „ a motif worth a sin [ gallery ACTUS MAGNUS, Vilnius, 2011]

Painting and book illustrations exhibition [ Klaipėda art library, 2011 ]

Poetry spring [ Nida library, 2011]

Nida postcards [Nida post office, 2011]


SECT [Klaipėda Photo Gallery, 2010]

SECT [Vilnius Railway Station, 2010]

DOWRY [Intro gallery, Vilnius, 2005]

TO REPRESENT UNREPRESENTATIVE[Intro gallery, Vilnius, 2005]

Participation in group exhibitions:
exhibition of contemporary stage design [ cur. G.Brazyte, Vilnius, Juozas Art gallery, 2013]

exhibition of stage design OF THE 2012’S [ cur. R.Sirvinskiene, MMC, Vilnius, 2013]

POSTIDEA [ Titanic, Vilnius, 2013 ]

international biennial of aquarelle “Baltic bridges” [ cur. E. Nalevaika, Kaunas art gallery, 2012]

(How did I get here)* Painting in Lithuania [LITH. ART ASSOCIATION + CAC, Vilnius, 2012]

MKČ AND OTHER COMICS [101 VDU gallery presentation in International Art Fair, Litexpo, Vilnius, 2012];

POSTIDEA [ Panevėžys city art gallery, 2012]

"ME, MYSELF AND i" – 5th textile biennial of Lithuania Republic [ cur. Žydrė Ridulytė, „Arka“, Vilnius, Janina Monkutė-Marks Museum-Gallery, Kėdainiai 2012] ; Jury prize for conceptual works

POSTIDEA [ 101 VDU gallery, Kaunas, 2012 ]

POSTIDEA [ Titanic, Vilnius, 2012 ]

WORKS FROM 3.ANDRE PARKS NEAR VILNIUS [ Medicinr library, Vilnius, 2012]

DRAWINGS EXHIBITION [ „Arka“ gallery, 2012]

ARTIST AND THE CITY [ „Arka“ gallery, 2012]

hostel [curator N.Černiauskaitė, ex- factory, Vilnius, 2011]

THEATRE POSTERS EXHIBITION [Rszechow, Lenkija, 2011]

PAINTING BIENNIAL CHISINAU [K. Brancusi ART CENTRE, Chisinau, Moldova, 2011]

LITHUANIAN SAGA[ Radvilai palace, Vilnius, 2011]

Self-portraits [curator R.Zdanavičius, „Arka“ gallery , 2011]

EXHIBITION OF WOMEN ARTISTS [ Vilniaus Rathus, 2011]

PRAHOS Stage design quadrennial [group exhibition, 2011]

KLAIPĖDA aquarelle plain air [Klaipėda, music library, 2011 ]

FORMALISM [curator V.Ozarinskas, CAC VILNIUS, 2010]

Biennial„Erozija. La(o)st Image“ [curator Gytis Skudžinskas, Klaipėdos exhibition palace, 2010]

Festival “Virus’15″ [curator K. Šapoka, Šiauliai, 2010]

NASZE WILNO- WASZE WILNO/PILSUDSKI‘S HEART [curator Linas Domarackas, Warszawa, 2010]

„LET‘S MEET IN DRAWINGS“ [curator I.Budrytė, Pamėnkalnis gallery, 2010]

PAINTING EXHIBITION [Užutrakis palace, 2010]

PHOTOSOPHY [Vilnius, Photo Gallery Prospectus, 2010 august]


GROUP PAINTING EXHIBITION [Kazlų-Rūda library, 2010 june]

EXHIBITION OF WOMEN ARTISTS [„Arka“ gallery, Vilnius, 2010]


PROJECT „THE BRIBE“ WITH GROUP „OUT OF THE NEED“ [Vilnius Railway Station, 2009]

INSTALLATION „SITE“ WITH GROUP „OUT OF THE NEED“ [Vilnius Railway Station, 2009]

INCARNATION [curated by L.Kreivytė, 2009, Vilnius]

GROUP PAINTING EXHIBITION [Museum of Railway, Vilnius, 2008]

PAPER, PAINT [curator I.Budrytė, „Arka“ gallery, 2008]

PROJECT IN LITERATAI STREET [ Project of E.Vertelkaitė, 2008, 2010]

PAINTING EXHIBITION [Museum of Railway, Vilnius, 2007]

STRIKE [objects; with group „OUT OF THE NEED“,, Project, Art in non-traditional spaces , 2007]

CONTEXT OF IDENTITY OR BOXES [video,, Project, Art in non-traditional spaces , 2007]


Prague Stage Design Quadrienalle [group exhibition, professional section, 2007]

EXHIBITION OF STAGE DESIGNERS [[ in Lithuanian Artist’s Association, Vilnius, 2007]

SABOTAGE [ Vilnius, Latako g., 2007]

DRAWING SYMPOSIUM [ in Lithuanian Artist’s Association’s Studio, Palanga, 2002 ]

SELF-OBJECTS [Radvilai Palace, Vilnius, 2006]

IN THE MIND [gallery of saint John street, Vilnius, 2005 ]

HITCHHIKING [action in First Lithuanian art Quadrennal, 2005]

PAVILNYS IN HISTORY AND CANVASSES [Museum of Railway, Vilnius, 2004]

RE-MARKABLE RE-MEMBERING [gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius, 2004]

WHERE AND WHEN /perspectives on art from the 10 new EU member states /, [Haga 2004]

2 SHOW [ CAC , Vilnius, 2003]

ANGRY GENERATION [ gallery “Skliautai”, Vilnius, 2003]

ANOTHER SEASCAPE [ in Lithuanian Artist’s Association’s Studio, Palanga, 2002 ]

EVERYDAY IS THE SAME [ in Art Project Studio, Vilnius, 2002]

WHO IS WHO [ gallery “IBID Projects”, Vilnius, 2002]

STRANGERS AND PARADISE [ by G. & N.Urbonas and D.Ciuta in Witte de With centre of contemporary art in Rotterdam, 2000]

Prague Stage Design Quadrienalle in student’s section [1999]

FOOTSTEPS OF WOMEN [ Installation, National drama theatre, 1999]

THEME OF UNIFICATED CLOTHES [Installation in Vilnius Fashion week, 1999]

“BABE WITH BRAINS”, editor and designer of the digital compact disc about women in Lithuanian culture [Lithuanian Institute, 2005]
Paper in conference on the theme of women-artists “ I can draw you ” [ AICA’s Lithuania’s section, Vilnius art academy, 2013]
Paper on theatre censorship and indifference of EU : „Post-soviet variations/ Moments of Nostalgia“ in the conference „Silent Voices, Forbidden lifes“ [Lisbon University , FIRT/IFTR, 2009]
Paper „Feel Catharsis or safe „Lithuania“ in international conference „Global Photographies : Past, Present, Future“ [Dublin, IADT, 2007]
Paper “Theatricality in contemporary arts of Lithuania ” in international conference “The Stage and the Visual Arts:

Past, Present, and Future" [Amsterdam university, (FIRT/IFTR), 2005];

Paper “Second hand culture in Lithuania : everyday passions ” [ AICA’s Lithuania’s section, Vilnius, 2003]
Paper “Karaoke or the changing portrait of art critic in Lithuania” in conference “The long run: long term processes in culture and art industries” [Erasmus university, Rotterdam, 2000]
Residency in NIda Art Colony, Lithuanian, 2011
Grants, internships :

2012 special jury prize for conceptualism in 5th textile bienniale „ I, mine, for me“

Residency in Nida Art Colony, Lithuania, 2011

2011m. Special jury prize cin CHishinau painting bienniale,

2005 m. ir 2009m. state grant for artist

2004 m. december – internchip in postgraduate studies in Saint- Peterburg state theatre academy

2005 m.11 21-24  Baltic Circle – Baltic region theatre round table talks

Works in theatre – stage design and / or costumes for:
FIGHT CLUB [ Palahniuk, dir. V.Bareikis, Vilnius Youth theatre, 2012]

MAIRONIS [costumes and stage design; text Maironis; dir. A.Vizgirda, Klaipėda Pilis Theatre, 2011]

AMOKAS [costumes and stage design; text S. Zveig; dir. A.Vizgirda, Klaipėda Pilis Theatre, 2011]

ALL TRUTH ABOUT KUKUTIS, DEAD AND ALIVE [costumes and stage design; text M.Martinaitis, dir. A.Vizgirda, Klaipėda Pilis Theatre 2011]

RENOVATION – „VIENER BLUT“ [ J. Strauss, dir. G.Macevičius, designed by Renteris, Kaunas Musical Theatre, 2010]

EI, JULIET! [E.Kishon, dir. A.Vizgirda, costumes and stage design Klaipėda Drama Theatre, 2010]

THE PLANET [costumes and stage design ; E.Grishkovetc, dir. A.Dainavičius, National Drama Theatre, 2010]

EVENING WITH A BOOK [M. Bulgakov, dir. V.Bareikis, Art Printing-house, 2009 ]

SHAKESPEARIADA [stage design, dir. G.Varnas, Vilnius Youth theatre, 2009]

DECALOGUE [dir. G.Varnas, Vilnius Print-House, 2008]

AUŠRINĖ /AURORA [costumes and stage design; V.Bartulis, dir. A.Vizgirda, Klaipėda Music Theatre, 2008]

ACIS AND GALATEA [Hendel,, dir.G.Šeduikis, open church yard, Tytuvėnai music festival, 2008]

CITY OF MILLION SMILES [costumes and stage design; text and dir. A.Vizgirda, Klaipėda Pilis Theatre, 2008]

THE BLACK WIDOW [costumes; Fassbinder, dir. Yana Ross, National Drama Theatre, 2008]

LIUCE SKATES [costumes; S.Černiauskaitė, dir. Yana Ross, OKT, Domino Theatre, Vilnius, 2007]

I WAIT FOR YOU, DARLING [costumes and stage design D.Fo ir F.Rome, dir. A.Vizgirda, Klaipėda Pilis Theatre, 2007]

DINNER WITH LUDWIG [costumes and stage design, T.Bernhard, Kaunas drama theatre, 2006]

LIFE OF A MAN [L. Adreev, dir. Ignas Jonynas, Vilnius Youth theatre, 2006]

ARRIVALS [costumes and stage design, dir.A.Kurienius, Aura dance theatre, Kaunas, 2006]

AND BJORK, TOO [costumes and stage design, dir. Anužis, Klaipėda University Theatre, 2005]

PANACEA [costumes and stage design, dance project by B.Urbietytė, dir. P.Budraitis, 2005 12 14, Vilnius]

INNOCENTS [D.Loher, dir. G.Varnas, Kaunas drama theatre, 2005 ]

CLOSE CITY [dir. M.Ivaškevičius, Meno fortas, 2005]

QUEM QUERITIS [dir..D.Adamkevičiūtė, “Fundamentum Collegii“ festival, Kraziai church, 2004]

THE WASTED LAND [ T.Dorst, dir. by G.Varnas, 2004]

CALIGULA [A.Camus, dir. I.Jonynas, Vilnius Youth theatre, 2004]

PAGLIACCI [ opera by P.Leoncavalli, directed by D.Ibelhauptaite and G.Rinkevicius in Vilnius Congress Palace, 2003]

MERLIN [ T.Dorst, play sketch, dir. by G.Varnas, ex-print house, in the New drama festival in Vilnius, 2003]

3 MINUTES STORY [ tango play, dir. by A.Kurienius, Kaunas Musical Theatre, 2003]

CHRONICLES OF ENTIRE DAYS ENTIRE NIGHTS [ X.Durranger, dir. I.Jonynas, Vilnius Youth theatre, 2002]

JŪRATĖ IR KASTYTIS [ open air rock opera for Klaipeda city jubilee, dir.B.Šarka, 2002]

SON IN LAW [ V.Krėvė, dir.D.Kimantaitė, Alytus city theatre, 2002]

CARLSON [ A.Lindgren, dir.D.Kimantaitė, Alytus city theatre, 2002]

DIARY FOR YOU, LIDA [ J.Skliutauskas, A.Juchnevičius, dir.A.Kinderis, Alytus city theatre, 2002 ]

CLEANSED [ Sarah Kane, dir. Z.Montvilaite, Moscow Youth theatre, 2001]

QUEEN OF SPADES [ P.Tchaikovsky, dir.G.Varnas, opera sketch in 2000 and premiere in 2001]

LIFE IS A DREAM [ P.Calderon, dir.G.Varnas, National drama theatre, 2000]

AIDAS AND AIDA [ musical performance by J.Jurkunas, dir. Z.Montvilaite, Vilnius Youth theatre, 2000]

MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT DREAM [ W.Shakespeare, dir.O.Korsunovas, stage-design assistance, 1999]

LETTERS COME IN AUTUMN EITHER DON’T COME AT ALL [ M.Kutkaityte, dir.R.Morkunas, with G.Brazyte, in New drama festival, ex-print house 2000]


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