Create An "Absolutely" Awesome Board Game

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Create An “Absolutely” Awesome Board Game
Can you get European countries safely to Constitutional Monarchies?

Essential Questions:

  1. How might absolute monarchs influence change?

  2. How do citizens bring about change?

  3. What part did the enlightenment play in creating new governments?


Modern absolute monarchs developed in Europe between 1500 and 1800. These monarchs expected to maintain absolute control over their governments and citizens. An increasing number of citizens, however, disputed the ideas of absolutism. Outline the changes from absolutism, to sweeping political and social change in the context of a board game.


BE CREATIVE! Mr. Maite and Ms. Prahst do not want to tell you exactly how to create your game. However, there are certain aspects of the game that must be included.

  • Colorful and appropriate to the time period

  • Must have a fully developed direction sheet for rules to your game.

  • Make sure your game is functional- students in the class are going to play your game!

*Total game playing time must be 20-30 minutes. This will be a timed aspect of your grade.

  • Use at least 4 absolute monarchs as “characters” or “pawns”

*Each character must be from a different country.

*Each character must be a workable game piece.

speeches that appropriately describe a specific aspect of your board game. (Located on game board)

  • 25 Chance Cards - Chance cards should be compiled giving players certain commands such as “peasants rebel, go back 3 spaces,” or “King works together well with Parliament, go forward 2 spaces.” This is a great opportunity to get the following vocabulary words incorporated into your game. Use the chance cards as a demonstration of your understanding.


Terms: 15 of the following terms must be included in your game. Make sure the context of each word defines it.

Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12

-Intendants -Constitution -Bourgeoisie

-Divine Right of Kings -Habeas corpus -Universal Manhood Suffrage

-Balance of Power -Cabinet -Conscription

-Pragmatic Sanction -Prime Minister -Coup d’etat

-Parliament -Limited Constitutional Monarchy -Indemnity

-Rationalism -Enlightenment

-Philosophes -John Locke/Thomas Hobbes

-Popular Sovereignty -The Encyclopedia

-Enlightened Despotism


Your absolute monarchy is transformed into a constitutional monarchy. Be the first monarch to successfully transform into a constitutional monarchy.

Day 1: Decide Roles.

Group leader- Overseer of group as a whole. Is responsible for deadlines, time limits, and overall quality of the game.

Designer- Responsible for artistic design of the game board. Leads the actual construction of game board and the gathering of appropriate materials for the construction of the game.

Historian- Responsible for actual facts that go into the construction of the game. This person must have all necessary materials for information gathering such as notes and History textbook.

Secretary- Responsible for recording all necessary information and keeping it organized. This person must keep all work for daily use in class.

*Every member of the group is responsible for helping every role. Your participation in this game is not limited to your individual role.

Group Members:
_______________________________ role: _______________________________
_______________________________ role: _______________________________
_______________________________ role: _______________________________
_______________________________ role: _______________________________

4 Characters Used In Game:
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________

Rough Sketch of what you envision your game to look like:

Come up with a goal that you would like to have accomplished for each day of this week. I will sign off at the beginning of each period and the end of each period to make sure you have reached your goals.









Part I: Writing

Write a well-written, complete essay for each of the following essential questions. Remember- Each essay must include:

  • Introduction with thesis

  • Supporting Details

  • Specific People

  • Specific Events

  • Supporting Vocabulary

1. Is absolute power effective?

2. Why might citizens object to absolute power, and how did the enlightenment encourage societal changes?

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