Conrad (Heart of Darkness) F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The God of Small Things Initial Observations:

How do these three realities function together?
Syrian Christians (in Kerala)
Communism (in Kerala)
Love Laws


Conrad (Heart of Darkness)

F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

Kipling (The Jungle Book)

Phil Donahue

TV Wrestling

Personal Symbols

Elvis Presley (the puff—how Elvis wore his hair. PERSONAL SYMBOL)

Fountain in a Love in Tokyo (Love in Tokyo was a 1964 movie which featured a

young woman wearing a ponytail held by two beads on a rubber band. Rahel wears her hair with this PERSONAL SYMBOL)

The mythology of both the Mahabaratha and the Ramayana and acted out in Kathakali Dancing







Psychological Motif

Freud: The Oedipal relationship between Chacko and Mammachi


Preserves (preservation)

Moth (Pappachi’s)
God of Small Things
The History House


3rd person omnisicent

Narrative style that jumps around in time and fills in story holes as it goes
Childlike phrases repeated
Capitalization (proper nouns)
Misspellings (purposeful for colloquialisms and such)
Ambassador epithets

Sentence Fragments

Contrast (oxymoron)
Vulgar (Base) phrasing embedded within eloquent flowing writing


The beginning as fecund and full of life/creation

The river

The flood

Inimical twins (Rahel/Estha) (Ammu/Chacko) (Velutha/Kuttappen)
Teaching Ideas:
Initial Comprehension quiz

Start Bulletin Board with theme and style connections

Thought Pieces on stylistic devices (Jen’s)

Watch Roy interview (Marion’s)

Listen to Roy read the chapter: “The God of Small Things”

Have someone from the south come in to talk about caste and love laws

Assign kids various aspects of the novel to then report on

Provide a couple of Roy essays to demonstrate that she is a political writer (has an agenda beyond art)—discussion of art. Does having an agenda diminish the art? Are you

then expected to interpret the art in a particular way?

Reread parts of Conrad and Freud

Baldwin Essay and the purpose of the artist

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