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Concordia University Psychology Internship Program (CUPIP)

Application Coversheet


Application Date:      
At which CUPIP Rotations do you want your application to be considered?

Montreal Children’s Hospital

MUHC Cognitive Behavior Service

MUHC Sex and Couple Service

MUHC Montreal General Hospital

MUHC Adult Neuropsychology

Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit

Montreal Neurological Institute

Psychosocial Oncology Program

Are you planning to complete a full- or part-time CUPIP Internship?

Full-time (1 yr) Part-time (2 yrs)
Indicate all funding you currently hold as well as funding you will hold next year. Include all fellowships, awards, teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and Concordia bursaries.




(Total per year)
















Check that you have included all CUPIP Application Materials

CUPIP Application checklist – 1 copy each

CUPIP Application Coversheet (this page)

Letter of Intent / Cover letter

Curriculum Vitae

Undergraduate Transcript(s)

Official Graduate Transcript(s)

Three Letters of Recommendation (each in signed, sealed envelope)

AAPI Pre-doctoral Internship Application (pgs 1- 17+)

Letter of Eligibility and Readiness for Training (written by DCT)

ALL Application Materials must be received by DECEMBER 1st. Materials should be submitted through the APPIC Online Match, except for the supplemental application and the undergraduate transcript. Send these materials (hard copies only) to Concordia University; 7141 Sherbrooke Street West; attn. Dr. Mark Ellenbogen, DPaC, PY170-18; Psychology Department; Montreal, QC, H4B 1R6. Do NOT send materials directly to CUPIP Training Sites. Only 1 copy of the entire CUPIP Application should be submitted, regardless of the number of CUPIP Rotations selected. (You do not need to send hardcopies of any materials you uploaded in APPIC).

Concordia University Psychology Internship Program (CUPIP)

Supplemental Application 2013-2014
In which languages are you sufficiently FLUENT to conduct therapy?
French English Other :      

Supplemental Essay
Instructions: The contents of your essay must be your original writing, which is solely authored by you. Plagiarism of any kind is not acceptable. Please answer each question in 500 words or less. We recommend that you develop your essay responses in a separate document (for ease of editing) and then paste the completed essays into the space provided below.
1. Please provide a reasoned statement describing your interest in applying to CUPIP.

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