Completing the epq reflection

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Completing the EPQ Reflection

The reflection section of the Production Log is the final opportunity for you to look back on the project and comment on what you have achieved.

The focus of this should be on looking back on your original aims and considering whether or not you have achieved them. If not, why not? Are you happy with the modifications which might have occurred along the way and can you justify them?

The main priority should be on your academic aims – i.e. do you feel as though your final ‘essay’ has addressed the areas you intended, answered the question you set yourself, synthesised your research data effectively; evaluated sources fully. You need to analyse the skills that your essay shows objectively if you can, and try to be honest about its overall strengths and weaknesses (exposing a weakness in your essay is not automatically going to lose you marks, so don’t worry!).

Use the questions you were asked in the presentation to help you with this – did they open up any avenues that you might not have considered, or expose any weaknesses/flaws in your argument that you would now wish to tighten up or clarify. Perhaps you feel that you might have clarified your understanding of particular areas or terminology. Alternatively, the questions may have illustrated to you that you do have a firm line of argument in your essay and that you feel you drawn up a supportable set of conclusions which directly link back to your original goals.

There is also the opportunity to summarise the skills that you feel you have acquired as a result of the project and any advice you would give to others. Again, I would focus predominantly on the academic skills – those of particular relevance to your chosen topic area.

Having said that, you should also consider ‘success’ and ‘skills’ in the more general sense by commenting on your successes/failures in aspects such as time management, personal organisation etc.

Finally, it is really important that you do a good job of this. AQA comment that this assessment objective is regularly over marked, and that in too many cases candidates’ reflections go little further than to express their pleasure at having undertaken the qualification. The AO4 (20% final marks) is assessed purely on the presentation and on this document!!

I would strongly recommend getting your supervisor to check your ‘reflection’ and to offer some feedback on it before finalising it ready to hand in.

Here are two examples. Decide how good a job you think they have done...

Final EPQ Hand-in Checklist

I need the following handed in to me:

  • AQA Production Log – all pages except 2, 7 and 13 completed, signed and dated and printed out

  • Copy of your final essay, plus bibliography and references

  • Copy of slides and notes from your presentation

  • Any additional materials you wish to submit as evidence (photocopies of pertinent details from research or other things) – this is not necessary, so don’t do it for the sake of it, just if there’s anything incredible you want us to see

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