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1. Branch 181, Arlington, Virginia

Senior Chief (Ret.) Bob Washington attended the Memorial Day Wreath Laying ceremony held at the Navy Memorial in Washington, District of Columbia. Photo by Jeff Malet.

2. Branch 101, Santa Clara, California

The incoming Branch officer installation (L to R) Henry Pope, Charles McIntyre, Branch Secretary Rick Fetro, Branch President Richard Ruiz, Kate Blanton and Installing Officer Gary Blackburn.

3. Branch 156, Brunswick, Maine

NVP Bill Starkey visited the Branch and had his first ever lobster dinner during the monthly potluck. (L to R) NVP Starkey, PBP Read Rich, BP/PRP Paul Loveless. Photo by Larry Berberich.

4. Branch 226, Staten Island, New York

Command Master Chief Eric Heimburger, CMC New York Sector and Branch member, is congratulated by Branch President Jim Brown upon his retirement from the USCG.

5. Branch 162, New Orleans, Louisiana

(L to R) Branch President David Campobasso and Branch Secretary Tracey Morton present Charles Booe (C) his 40-year continuous-membership pin during the July Branch meeting.

6. Branch 298, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wolverine Branch Shipmates Dan Allen (L) and Harold “Buck” Kuisel (R) present Shipmate A. H. Greenwood with his 60-year membership pin and certificate. Pictured with Greenwood is his wife Kay.

7. Branch 269, Goose Creek, South Carolina

During a recent Branch meeting, Willie Thompson received his 55-year continuous membership pin.

8. Branch 275, Placerville, California

(L to R) Branch President Ashley “Joe” Young, Jr. presented Charles “Bud” Sweet his 60-year continuous membership pin.

9. Branch 307, Gulfport, Mississippi

Old Naval Home Branch President “Pete” Petersen and Secretary Bob Rutherford presented a donation from the South Central Region Shipmates to the AFRH-G, Administer, Mr. Edas, purchasing two memorial “Dog Tags” frames.

10. Branch 154, Baguio City, Philippines

FRA/LAFRA Branch Baguio City recently distributed PE uniforms, school supplies and food to children who attend the Kapangan Beleng Belis multi-grade school.

11. FRA Staff, Alexandria, Virginia

FRA supports the Senior Enlisted Academy’s (SEA) senior enlisted training for all services. SEA opened its doors in 1981 and has been providing extensive training on leadership, acquisition and operational venues to all branches of DOD and DHS. FRA presents the Leadership Award to the top graduate in the class each quarter. FRA NED Tom Snee presented the award to the top awardee from Class 2017. Snee is a SEA Graduate from Class 009/Khaki Group from the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island

12. Branch 126, Jacksonville, Florida

Branch President James J. Thomas (L) presented a letter of commendation to Shipmate Henry V. Pelz for achieving 50 years of continuous membership in the FRA. The award was presented during the August 17 Branch meeting.

To submit a photo for News from the Branches, please e-mail a photo as an attachment in jpeg format to or mail a high-quality photograph to FRA Today, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. Please include a brief description of the photograph and include the names of those pictured. Laser prints and scanned copies of photographs cannot be accepted.
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Name Rating Branch

Agent, Don D. EQCM, USN 120

Armstrong, Dean E. HMC, USN 24

Arnold, Michael J. MSGT, USMC 106

Ashley, Calvin H. CAPT, USMC 365

Ator, Roy E. LT, USN 11

Avery, H Glen YNCS, USN 117

Balzrina, Joseph BMC, USN 53

Bills, Robert D. SHCM, USN 1 20

Bills, James R. RMC, USN 342

Black, Gary V. ACC, USN MAL

Boggs, Orvalle RMC, USN 90

Bond, Kenneth AMH1, USN MAL

Bothe, James J. LT, USN 184

Boyd, Clars D. BM1, USN 49

Boynton, Cornelius F. ETC, USN 166

Branham, Paul W. AE1, USN 289

Brase, Randall F. MCPO/SWS, USN 91

Bray, Edward PO1 289

Burger, Larry K. AMHC, USN 161

Burns, Paul E. SKCS, USN 184

Butcher, James Q. HMC, USN 194

Caddell, Elton H. BTC, USN MAL

Champion, Clyde S. ACCS, USN 22

Chapman, Charley L. LCDR, USN 42

Clay, Jackie R. AKC, USN 22

Clements, David L. LCDR, USN 120

Cook, Aldon C. MMCM(SS), USN 219

Crutchfield, Howard M. PR1, USN 47

Dempsey, Richard R. PO1, USN 99

Denby, Perry MCPO, USN MAL

Dial, Ralph F. AME1/TAR, USNR 89

Donohue, Joseph P. LI1, USN 10

Edgecombe, John A. GYSGT, USMC 162

Evans, Clifford E. ADRC, USN 166

Fluharty, Burl EMC(SS), USN 106

Ford, Willis P. FTCM, USN 137

Fowler, Jerry M. MMC, USN 226

Fulford, John E. ADCS, USN 22

Glendening, Orville L. STCM, USN 94

Grady, Frederic J. CAPT, USCG 24

Griffin, James M. AE1, USN 99

Griffin, Lyle W. SCPO, USN MAL

Hollowell, David C. LT, USN 289

Hopkins, Gene E. PRCM, USN MAL

Hudson, Russell J. CWO2, USN 68

Hutchins, Vernon E. FTGC, USN MAL

Johnson, Hubert E. ADR2, USN 126

Johnson, John L. HTCS, USN 170

Jolly, George J. SK1, USN 289

Jones, Jeffrey L. YNCS (AW) 298

Jump, James B. BMC, USN MAL

Keesling, James D. CTCS, USN 8

Knight, James D. CTCM, USN 182

Langley, Charles H. ADR1, USN 89

PNC, LaPlante, Francis J. CSC, USN MAL

Legare, Charles H. ABHC, USN 91

Lewis, James H. AOC, USN 227

Lind, Terrence C. AMS3, USN MAL

Marquardt, Dwayne A. FTMC, USN 120

Martin, Harold M. AFCM, USN MAL

May, Oliver E. ENCM, USN MAL

Mays, Thomas E. CS1, USN MAL

McCalman, George W. GYSGT, USMC 98

McGuire, Robert V. BTCM, USN 70

Meeker, Wilmer E. ADRC, USN 147

Melton, Loren R. FTCM, USN 120

Metzger, Allen H. NCCS, USN 61

Miller, Dean F. CWO3, USN 29

Millman, Harold M. MCPO, USN 91

Miner, M Ray SK1, USN 38

Nelson, Benjamin W. MSCM, USN 61

North, Elmer E. MUC, USN 44

Northam, Donald H. YN1, USN 24

Ohnmeiss, Steven M. LCDR, USNR 106

Parker, Junious E. BTC, USN 166

Pekarski, Stanley PO1, USN 226

Pettross, Lewis M. PO1, USN MAL

Placzek, Abdon L. BM1, USN 291

Reitzel, Quintin H. MUCS, USN MAL

Stabenow, Walter AD1, USN 26

Tomazin, Frank J. ETCM(SS), USN 61

Umble, Frank H. AQCS, USN 126

Wall, Carter L. CPO, USN 94

Watkins, William F. SKC, USN MAL

Willingham, William E. CDR, USN 184

Zellner, Raymond B. MGYSGT, USMC MAL

Zerba, Lawrence G. AMHC, USN 216

Zurlinden, Donald SFSN 275
Names in red indicated 50 year continuous members.

Name in bold indicate past national officers.

To report the death of a Shipmate, please contact us via email at or by telephone at 703- 683-1400 ext 1.
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Reunions/Looking For…

USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD/DDR-713)

05/03/2018-05/06/2018, Pensacola, Florida

Contact: NCC Ernie Pina,
28 Thomas Leighton Boulevard

Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864

Telephone: 401-FLY-NAVY


USS Satyr (ARL-23) (Brown Water Navy)

05/17/2018-05/21/2018, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Contact: Jerry D. Toney

10926 Majuro Drive

Jacksonville, Florida 32246-2441

Telephone: 904-641-5354

USS John F. Kennedy (CVA/CV 67)

08/23/2018-08/26/2018, Norfolk, Virginia

Contact: Bob Haner

312 Wymore Road, Apt.103,

Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Telephone: 407-682-2613

Looking For...

Looking for...James Fred Foster, who was in boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. Company 185, January-March of 1966. Please contact USN (Ret.) ABEC Wallace Prince, at 660-284-6643 or 379 E. 1st St., Bethel, Missouri 63434.

All Reunions/LookingFor… must be submitted in writing to FRA Reunions/LookingFor… 125 N. West St. Alexandria, Virginia 22314 or at Please include your FRA member ID and a daytime telephone number. Reunions can also be submitted online at For questions regarding submissions, contact Victoria at 1-800-FRA-1924, ext. 124.
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Asset allocation is a strategy that can help take the guesswork out of choosing investments for your portfolio. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you spread your eggs (dollars) among a variety of baskets (stocks, bonds, and cash). The baskets can be further divided within each type of investment.

Although many investors understand they should invest in a variety of securities, they often stumble when it’s time to choose an asset allocation that’s right for them. The allocation that you choose should be based on how much risk you are willing to assume (risk tolerance), why you are investing (goals), and when you will need to tap your investments (time horizon).
However, in some cases, once investors choose their allocation, they are afraid to change it. As you experience changes in your life, it can be appropriate to redistribute your assets.
So, when should you change your asset allocation? It is important to maintain balance in your portfolio. Accordingly, you should reevaluate your allocation strategy at least once a year or when you experience a major life change, such as marriage or the birth of a child. It’s not always necessary to make a fundamental change to the allocation, but you should make that evaluation on a regular basis.
Sometimes your portfolio might just need a tweak to rebalance assets that have either increased or decreased in value. For example, a booming stock market may mean the value of the stock portion of your portfolio exceeds your original allocation. If that occurs, you may want to consider selling some stocks to bring your portfolio back into line with your initial allocation. Rebalancing is a strategy every investor should consider as a way to help ensure their portfolio reflects their current investing goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. Further changes to your allocation also may be appropriate depending on your particular investing style.
Strategic investing. Many investors take a strategic approach to asset allocation, meaning they have at least 10 years before they anticipate needing the money they are investing. Strategic investors look at the long term and typically do not make frequent changes to their allocation strategy. A strategic investor would change the way his or her money is invested if there was a fundamental shift in the economy (a recession, for example) or if inflation began to outpace the earnings that his or her investments were generating.
Cyclical investing. Because the economy is cyclical, meaning it moves in stages of prosperity and recession, some investors change the way they allocate their assets based on the cycle of the economy. This is called cyclical investing – it typically means an investor will reallocate his or her funds every three months to three years. A cyclical investor might invest heavily in stocks when the economy experiences growth and, conversely, invest more in bonds when the economy experiences a period of contraction.
Tactical investing. The third type of investor looks at the short-term – a period of one year or less. The tactical investor changes his or her portfolio based on trends in the market. A tactical approach to asset allocation isn’t for everyone as it typically requires an investor to trade rather actively and sometimes trade with greater risk.

Each investor has unique goals for his or her money and a distinctive investment style. It is a good idea to talk with your financial advisor about what kind of asset allocation would be right for you and how often you should redistribute your assets. Bear in mind that although asset allocation diversifies your assets, it does not protect against fluctuating markets and uncertain returns. FRA

This article was written by/for Wells Fargo Advisors and provided courtesy of Carl M. Trevisan, Managing Director-Investments and Stephen M. Bearce, First Vice President- Investments in Alexandria, VA at 800-247-8602.
Investments in securities and insurance products are: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE
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U.S. Navy (Retired)

February 5, 1932-June 15, 2017

National President 1976-1977

FRA Past National President Thomas A. Heaney joined the Staff of the Supreme Commander on June 15, 2017. On September 22, 1976, Shipmate Heaney was elected by acclamation, as the National President at FRA’s 49th National Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Shipmate Heaney, a retired Chief Radarman of the United States Navy, was born in Quincy, Massachusetts. He attended North Quincy High School prior to joining the United States Navy on June 26, 1949 in Boston. He received his “boot” training at the Recruit Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. He established a varied and interesting naval career. His tours of sea duty included duty in the USS WISCONSIN (BB-64), USS NEWPORT NEWS (CA-148), USS SALEM (CA-139), pre-commissioning detail USS CONYNGHAM (DDG-17), USS DUPONT (DD-941), and the pre-commission detail of the USS TALBOT (DEG-4). His tours of sea duty were interspersed with other assignments and tours ashore including Seaman Guard/USN Ceremonial Guard, in Washington, District of Columbia; Class A. Radarman School, (Norfolk, Virginia); Staff Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet; Staff Commander Caribbean Sea Frontier; Staff Commander Oceans Systems Atlantic; Staff Commander Anti-Submarine Warfare Force Atlantic; U.S. Naval Instructor School (Norfolk, Virginia); and at the Fleet Training Centers (Norfolk, Virginia and Newport, Rhode Island). In 1962 he commissioned the first ASROC Trainer. On June 16, 1962 he made Chief Radarman.
On August 11, 1969 after 20 years of active service, Shipmate Heaney transferred to the Fleet Reserve as a Chief Radarman. His endeavors did not stop there. After his retirement he continued his education by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in education and philosophy from Roger Williams College. He then proceeded to obtain a Master of Arts in Human Development from Salva Regina College. Shipmate Heaney also worked as a Director at the Alcoholism, Comprehensive Treatment Department in Newport Hospital.
His hard work earned him Regional President of New England in 1969 and 1970. Shipmate Heaney’s progressive philosophy and motivation contributed significantly to the progress of the New England region during his two year tenure. At the time of his death he was a member of Branch 77 South West region. Shipmate Tom’s outstanding ability and dedication have been demonstrated through his service to his Shipmates at the Branch and national levels of the Association.

On October 9, 1964 Shipmate Heaney married Jeanne, a charming and lovely lady. They had three sons and three daughters. The entire Fleet Reserve Association and staff would like to extend its most sincere sympathies to Shipmate Heaney’s family and friends. FRA

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