College planning for seniors student plan sheet

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  1. Suggested Testing Schedule:

    1. ASVAB Junior or Senior Year

    2. ACT October or November of Senior Year

    3. SAT Retake in October or November of Senior Year if necessary

  1. What if I do not know what I want to do or where I want to go?

    1. EDUCATIONPLANNER.ORG: career and college planning site with career assessment tools to select and decide upon a college

    1. STUDENT.COLLEGEBOARD.ORG: college planning, searching, applying, and financial aid information; SAT information

  1. College Selection Process:

List the priority characteristics desired in a college: what do I want/need in a school?

    1. Campus size

    2. Location

    3. Curriculum

    4. Religious affiliation (if any)

    5. Housing / food

    6. Job placement services

    7. Student / faculty ratio

    8. Tuition and other costs

  1. Search for Information:

    1. Internet search: email schools for information, virtual tours

    2. Visit representatives at college fairs, on campus visits, and in the Guidance Office

    3. Email/call for information

  1. Narrow Your Choices:

    1. Visit several campuses and talk with students and professors in the program of your choice

    2. Review and update your resume and activity sheet

    3. Request applications

    4. Begin to rough draft application essays

  1. Guidance Newsletter:

    1. Testing Schedule: SAT, ACT, ASVAB

    2. SAT Prep Classes;—Practice and Question of the Day

    3. College Representative Visits -- pay attention to morning announcements for additional visits

    4. District Website: newsletter, college planning guide, links to financial aid, testing, military, etc.

  1. College Visit Days:

    1. Three excused days—2 day notice required with letter from home, letter needed upon return—no exceptions -- USE THESE FOR INTERVIEWS!

    2. Refer to the student handbook

  1. Timeline:

    1. Basic idea to see where you are in this process—should be narrowing choices and preparing to apply

    2. Senior Timeline handout

  1. Financial Aid:

    1. Financial Aid 101 handout

    2. Financial Aid Basics handout

  1. College/Post-Secondary School Applications:

    1. What I need in the office: Completed Paper Application and Fee; Essay; Recommendations; Resume/Activity Sheet; Transcript Request Form

    2. Online Applications – you must still notify the Guidance Office and complete a Transcript Request Form

    3. Suggested to have apps out by Thanksgiving—check deadline dates at your particular interest schools—DO NOT DELAY

    4. Applications of any type (and all supplemental materials) are due to the Guidance Office at least 1 week prior to application due dates

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