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Summative Evaluation


The purpose of this assignment is to develop your critical thinking skills, to enhance your understanding of a topic related to the law, and to develop your ability to argue on one side of a legal issue. You will use appropriate research methods to gather, organize, evaluate, and synthesize information.


1. You are required to research and investigate a Canadian / International legal issue. The focus of your topic is to be on one of the following general areas:

  • Environmental Law

  • Labour Law

  • Principles of International Law

  • International Treaties and Agreements

  • Global Conflicts and Resolutions (topics on website)

2. Your project must take a clear side on the issue and this can be seen as your thesis, therefore you cannot be neutral. You must take a side and provide counter arguments.

3. You must support your position by expert opinions, quotes, facts etc. I would prefer if you would reference your sources using the MLA style, but you can use whichever style you feel most comfortable with. That is to say, you must provide a works cited.
4. For your project, you may want to write a formal essay, create a web based presentation, or create a formal poster campaign educating people on your side of the issue.
5. The style should be formal. Therefore, you should write in the third person, avoid slang and colloquial language and not refer to the paper itself (e.g. “This paper will prove”)
7. WEIGHT: 10% of your final grade.
8. Due Date: will be determined in class

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