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CLN4U Seminar Outline

Students must research and present an argumentative seminar on an International law related topic. Students may present as a pair and each presentation must be between 25- 30 minutes in length. An example seminar will be provided in the semester.

Existence of Israel Religious Persecution around the World

Recognizing Palestine Economic Crisis in the Eurozone

Iranian Hostage Crisis (Argo), 1979 Omar Khadr (very topical)

UN Peacekeeping Maher Arar (case and inquiry)

The legal power of the EU Zimbabwe or Congo

Media Ethics War Criminals

The World Bank Syria and Chemical Weapons

Human Rights- China, Russia Afghanistan (current updates/NATO)

Climate Change and the Global Community Iraq

Military Coups (Thailand, Honduras, Fiji) Arab Spring

Separatist Movements (Sri Lanka, Ireland, East Timor) Honour Killings (impact on Canada)

Sudan/South Sudan/Darfur Terrorism

The Somalia Affair (Canadian Military Failure) International Criminal Court

Role of the G8/G20 International Court of Justice

Religious Challenges (France, Switzerland) Challenges of Women (India)

Nuclear Proliferation The Garment Industry (very topical)

Extradition Treaties Pirates!

World Cup in Qatar (slavery?) Miley Cyrus (?????)

Students may present on a topic not included in the above list but approval must be received from the teacher. I suppose you could also do any of the topics on the essay list for a more Canadian perspective but you MAY NOT do the same topic as your essay. I am invoking my own notwithstanding clause for that (…boom…).

Seminar task Breakdown:

  1. Inquiry Questions: students must submit a list of 10 inquiry questions to be used as a “jumping off” point for their research. Also, a list of 3 sources must be submitted to show evidence of initial work. One of these source SHOULD be some form of primary source (McLean’s magazine articles will be allowed).


Quantity- # of questions and sources= 5 marks

Quality- of questions and sources= 10 marks

Format- (style of documentation)= 5 marks

  1. Research Notes: students must submit 7-10 pages of organized, legible research notes, structured in the following format:

  • Source- proper bibliographic format at the top of each page. The second page of any source may simply say continued or have the author’s name.

  • The left margin of page must include the page number from where the information was obtained

  • Recoded information must be in point form- single spaced on only one side of the paper

  • At the end of each source used there must be a written record of the student’s thoughts and reflections about the information in the notes. (ie. How this material might be used, how it fits with your topic and argument, and any personal feelings or insights).


Quantity- # of questions and sources= 5 marks

Quality- of recorded material= 10 marks

Reflections (insights, details, etc.)= 5 marks

  1. Seminar Outline: students will receive a template to fill out regarding their seminar outline (after the example seminar is provided in class).


Organization 5 marks

Content 10 marks

Clarity 5 marks

  1. Seminar: Refer to the Seminar Assessment Rubric. Make sure that any handouts for the students are given out prior to the Seminar. Yes, a handout is required.

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