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The purpose of this exercise is to develop your critical thinking skills, to develop your knowledge of Law generally and in one topic area specifically, and to develop your ability to write a clear, concise, grammatically correct, scholarly yet impassioned paper based on solid research. This is a grade 12 University preparation paper/seminar. It should show significant thought, research, care, and review. This is not a standard “course culminating activity”. You are expected to research and write about your topic as well as continue to do all of your course work. An ample amount of in class time will be given for this assignment. It is a mistake to think that once you are done your major paper, you are done the course. This paper and the connected seminar is worth roughly 15% of your final mark however the culminating activity for this course is the exam which is worth 30%. Think how much value is placed on these two assignments. This mirrors most university courses.

Please submit a typed, properly documented 8- 10 page research paper (double spaced) on a topic of your choice, either from the list provided, or of your own choosing (with my approval). If you do not know how to double space in your word-processing program, then you better ask me how! I know I have said in the past I do not like to give parameters on your writing and I still believe that. However, considering that you will each become an expert on your topic, it is unlikely that you will be able to cover the topic in detail in fewer than the expected pages. Simply put if you cannot discuss your topic for a considerable length you haven’t been able to analyse the topic enough. Keep this in mind when picking your topic- topic choice can be a huge difference in how much research and what type of research you will have to do. However, do not go excessively over, either. Some of you write so well that you will prove me wrong. I will not take marks off for failing to provide ten pages, but I will not provide marks for failing to cover the topic as much as it should reasonably be done.

a) The style should be formal; therefore, you should:

- write in the third person

- avoid slang and lazy language

- no contractions

- write out numbers under twenty or if they begin a sentence

- do not refer to the paper (e.g. This paper will prove...)
b) A minimum of four (4) secondary sources should be consulted. Remember, a good variety of sources will make for a better, broader research base and thus a better paper. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET AS YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF RESEARCH (there is an abundance of misinformation out there). All sources in the bibliography should be cited in the paper. DO NOT pad the bibliography. DO NOT USE Wikipedia as a source. You may go there, but use it as a springboard to better, authoritative sources.

c) The standard for documentation in this paper can be found at the following website: This is online writing lab from Purdue University in Indiana. It is an incredible resource for citations and referencing. My suggestion is that you choose Chicago Manual style, however, having said this, if you have a personal preference for another referencing style (there are several MLA, APA, etc.), you may use the one you prefer, as long as you are consistent.d) The paper should be written in proper manuscript form:

i. typewritten, double-spaced, font 12, Calibri **

ii. on 8 1/2 x 11 unlined paper

iii. one inch margins **

iv. titles of books, newspapers and periodicals should be underlined; titles of articles should

be in quotation marks”; titles of cases should be either italicized or underlined, but not

both (be consistent)

v. a complete title page that includes an interesting title, the course name (CLN4U - Canadian & International Law), teacher's name (Mr. Bergman), your name, and date.

** do not manipulate margins, fonts, or devices such as the use of BOLD lettering to pad your paper. The only result is that it looks unprofessional. Please also note that Calibri is my personal preference, especially for reading online. When you are in your post-secondary program, be sure to find out from your instructor which font is preferred. For hardcopies it has been proven that Times New Roman is the easiest to read…just sayin’
PLAGIARISM is a serious academic offence. If you are not sure about what constitutes plagiarism, check out this interactive website: Please also note that handing in the same paper for two different courses is also an academic offence and will result in a mark of zero on that paper. Yes, your teachers do talk to each other. Similarly, you cannot hand in one paper to meet the requirements of two assignments in the same course.
1. Topic selection

When? On or before Monday October 28 2013-

Student Teacher Conference- I will explain

You will be expected to submit a topic proposal for my approval. Do not simply start your paper without reviewing the proposed topic with me beforehand. It needs to be approved. Your proposal should include the following:

i a working title which accurately reflects your topic but don’t worry at this point, because I won’t hold you to it. Very often as your research progresses, it takes you on tangents which you had not considered and may decide to investigate. Feel free to do just that. You are allowed to change your mind. You MUST keep me up to date on any changes you are making and why.

ii. be sure that your topic is not too broad it should be sufficiently narrowed given time and space limitations.

iii. a paragraph explaining the main questions with which you will deal, and the limits of your study (time frame, country/province/region, group of people, cases etc.)

iv. an explanation of why you have chosen the topic.

Remember, this is a Law paper your topic should reflect that aspect. For instance, a paper on Abortion should deal with the Charter aspects, case law, the present movement (especially in the States) to overturn decisions granting the right to an abortion. It should not deal with the medical “how-to” of abortion. No pictures or charts, please.

2. Draft Outline Due

In order to make sure you are on the right track, you and I will meet sometime between Monday, November 25th and Friday, November 29th, 2013 to review your research and a rough outline of your paper. Please email me your rough outline paper on or before Monday, November 25th, 2013, so that I may electronically review your work for both form and content and return it to you in time for revisions prior to the final due date. Mark Value 10/100

3. Review Interview

To make sure that everyone is at the right stage of their writing process, students will be required to set up a short interview/conference with me sometime between Dec. 16th and Dec. 19th (the last week before Christmas holidays). I only require a short amount of time (maybe only 5 minutes) but I must actually SEE your research/rough work. This stage is for you however it is also very much for me to make me feel secure knowing that I know where you are at going into the Christmas break. Once we return from the holidays we have very little new information and we will be having time for seminars and discussions.

4. Completed Paper

On or before MONDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2014

As always, the first draft should not be the final draft. This is a grade 12 University preparation paper. It should show significant thought, research, care, and review. Please remember that this paper constitutes a significant portion of your year's mark and should be treated accordingly. NO PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE DUE DATE, WITHOUT PRIOR DISCUSSION WITH ME, AS IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE THEM MARKED PRIOR TO EXAMS OTHERWISE. As for how you will hand it in…anyone heard of


(these are suggestions feel free to rework any topic and submit to instructor for approval)

The Courts and Judges

Is the judiciary too powerful?

• Should judges be elected in the manner of the USA lower courts?

• Have Canada's courts become too politicized?

Are the Courts too soft on offenders?

Our Judicial System: Needed Reforms

Criminal Law

• Are the Criminal Code provisions regarding HIV disclosure unjust?

Assisted Suicide - rights or wrongs?

Is capital punishment justified?

• Are the rights of victims sufficiently protected under the law?

• How should the law deal with young offenders?

Wrongful convictions (e.g. Marshall, Milgaard, Morin, Truscott etc.)

• Reforms in criminal sentencing/ Alternative Sentencing Practices/ Gladue

Sexual Assault (in effective justice)

Youth and the Law

Contact Sports and the Law

Organized Crime in Canada

• Causes of Criminal Behaviour– Implications in Criminal Law

Safe Streets and Communities Act, 2012

- What does it really mean?

Ashley Smith Case: Whose Fault is it?

Charter of Rights and Freedoms/

Constitutional Law

• Should the 'notwithstanding clause' in the Charter of Rights be repealed?

• Should the distinct character of Quebec society be recognized in the Constitution?

Quebec’s Charter of Values

Should special status for Natives be

enshrined in the Constitution?

• Should individual rights take precedence over collective rights?

Do women have a right to abortion?

• Should denominational schools receive public funding?

Are laws governing child pornography in literature an unreasonable limit on freedom of expression?

• Are laws governing drug use an affront to liberty?

• Should the amending formula be changed?

Was the Charter of Rights and

Freedoms a mistake?

• Does pay equity lead to a more just society?

• Should economic rights be enshrined in the Charter?

Individual Rights vs. Rights of the


Roe vs. Wade for Men – Reproductive

Rights for Men

Constitutional Law

Aboriginal Rights

Drug testing in the workplace?

Freedom of Expression and the Internet

Censorship and Music

Advertising Restrictions

Gay/Homosexual Rights

Right to Strike—Public Sector Workers
International Law

Is the UN still relevant?

• Do we need an international criminal court?

International Law & State sovereignty?

Oil and Water?

Does International Law exist?

Amnesty International

Customs and Immigration

Environmental Law

• Environmental Law: Is self-Regulation superior to Government Regulation?

• Do environmental laws really promote a cleaner environment?

Environmental Topic— Regulations and

Labour Law

Labour Law: 21st century relevance?

Drug testing in the workplace?

Right to Strike— Public Sector Workers

• Human rights in the workplace - Do employers have any rights?
Law and Technology

Computer Crime –Electronic Copyright

• Protection of Personal Privacy — Surveillance Equipment, E-Commerce


Facebook Follies - legal consequences

Freedom of Expression and the Internet

Technology and Censorship
Social Issues

Legalized Gambling-Should we Have It?

Prostitution in Canada

Should Movie Ratings be more Strict?

• Should Bars/Bartenders be Partly Liable for their Drunk Patrons?

• Responsibility and the Insurance Industry– Recent Supreme Court Decisions in favour of the Business of Insurance (Childs, Herbison)

• Does pay equity lead to a more just society?

• Can morality be promoted via the law? (e.g. policies requiring persons to give up a seat on public transit to the elderly, pregnant women, etc.)

Roe vs. Wade for Men – Reproductive

Rights for Men


What is Happening with Prostitution in



• Comparing philosophies of law and justice e.g. Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, etc.

• In-depth case analysis e.g. Truscott, Homolka, Dr. Charles Smith, Ronald Smith, etc. (there are so many from which to choose!)

The state of civil litigation in today’s society (American/ Canadian)

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