Classroom Expectations

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Mrs. Schanz


Classroom Expectations

  1. Participation is crucial for success in this class and worth 50 points per quarter. Bring materials to class. Arrive on time. Be present- not just here. See #2-8.

  2. Be on time, in the room heading for your seat, when the bell rings. Sit in your assigned seat unless otherwise instructed.

  3. Use in-class work time effectively. You’ll have less homework.

  4. Respect yourself, others, and property. Do not write on the desks.

  5. Be considerate. Do not line up by the door before the bell rings and listen when others are talking.

  6. If I am absent, just do what the substitute asks. You will lose 20 participation points if the sub reports your behavior.

  7. Plagiarism and copying are academic dishonesty. Even when you work in groups, write your own answer. See Guidelines for Written Work.

  8. Phones away unless I say. If I spot your phone at an inappropriate time, you will lose 10 participation points. Keep phones away before, during, and after quizzes or tests. A phone spotted during a quiz or test is a zero on it as well. Please don’t charge your phone in class


2nd SCL

4th AL

5th AL

6th SCL

8th AL




Students will create a account to upload written work. We will use Google Classroom. Logins are on my webpage.

Materials to bring every day:

  1. Homework

  2. Textbook or novel

  3. Pen, pencil, and paper

  4. Folder

Extra credit is limited to 25 points per quarter.

Absent Folder

  • You are responsible for getting and completing missed work. Refer to the Absent Folder in the classroom and/or check my webpage.

  • The Absent Folder contains handouts and a calendar of assignments.

Homework Policy: * I will accept homework and projects today, tomorrow, or never. The same guidelines apply to emailed work.

Today is by 3:30pm on the school day the assignment is due.
Tomorrow is by 3:30pm the next school day, and you earn half the points at most.
Never is never.

*Exceptions: Speeches must be presented on the assigned due date. Written work submitted to will have specific upload times. Late work will earn half points at most.

Each nine weeks of this course focuses on one theme that relates not only to universal issues, but also reflects your experience as a young adult from coming of age to facing the future. As we shift from one unit to the next, you will need to refer back to readings and discussions from previous class meetings. Always look for connections. Note the double-arrow below, which illustrates this crucial point.

Unit One- Maturation

Wonderland, note-taking strategies, literary term review, essays, poetry, short stories, “The Body”, creative writing, film, literary analysis, Persepolis graphic novel

Unit Two- Conflict

1960s presentation, poetry, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, epiphany project, film, Slaughterhouse-Five, “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption”, literary analysis

Unit Three- Philosophy

Essays, short stories, creative writing, “Apt Pupil”, literary analysis, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Earth and Sky, film, children’s story

Unit Four- Future

Ready Player One, film, essays, short stories, poetry, literary analysis, creative writing, future of SCL curriculum presentation, “The Breathing Method”

Discussion Days

Literature discussion days will be worth a possible point total where you earn points by making valuable additions to the class dialogue. Thoughtful references to the literature itself as well as sharing your reflections from your notes are examples of quality contributions. Keeping up with reading and note taking will make earning all possible points much easier. If you are absent, you may earn extra points by contributing more on the next discussion day.

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