Classroom Expectations

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Mrs. Schanz


Classroom Expectations

  1. Be on time, in the room heading for your seat, when the bell rings. Sit in your assigned seat unless otherwise instructed.

  2. Bring materials to class.

  3. You may use one bathroom pass per quarter. Passes don’t carry over from quarter to quarter.

  4. Use in-class work time effectively. You’ll have less homework.

  5. Respect yourself, others, and property. Do not write on the desks. If you find writing, tell me.

  6. Be considerate. Do not line up by the door before the bell rings and listen when others are talking.

  7. Follow directions the first time.

  8. If I am absent, just do what the substitute asks.

  9. Plagiarism and copying are academic dishonesty. Even when you work in groups, write your own answer. See Guidelines for Written Work.

  10. Participation is crucial for success in this class. Be present- not just here. No texting while learning.

I will post grades by student i.d. number in the classroom. Extra credit is limited to 25 points per quarter.

Materials to bring every day:
My schedule:

1st AL

2nd SCL

3rd SCL

5th SCL

6th AL

  1. Homework

  2. Textbook or novel

  3. Pen, pencil, and paper

  4. Folder

  5. One subject notebook just for

English class
Materials to buy: Post-it notes

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