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SUBJECT: Business Studies PAPER: 1

INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS (How the paper was received; Papers too long/short/

The question paper was of a good standard with questions from all the cognitive levels as prescribed in the national guideline document. The candidates that prepared for the examination achieved very good marks, but those who did not prepare for the examination did poorly.

(General overview of Learner Performance in the question paper as a whole)

  • A random sample of 325 scripts show an average of 40,9% performance on the question paper as a whole.

  • Very few candidates choose questions 6 on financial investment and 7 on ethics.

  • These topics are not treated at schools or if treated, the learners do not have a good understanding of them.


(Comments on candidates’ performance in the five individual sub questions (a) – (e) will be provided below. Comments will be provided for each question on a separate sheet).

(a) General comments on the performance of learners in the specific question.

  • Candidates scored average of 75,1 ; 70,1% and 78,1% for sub-questions 1.1 (multiple choice), 1.2 (Alternatives) and 1,3 (matching) respectively.

  • Generally candidates obtained a provincial average of 74,6% in question 1 thus it was excellently answered.

(b) Reasons why the question was poorly answered. Specific examples, common errors
and misconceptions are indicated.

(c) Suggestions for improvement in relation to teaching and learning.

  • The above performance is a demonstration of how candidates are well groomed in the identification of business concepts.

  • In spite of this good performance, candidates had difficulty in answering:-

    1. Multiple choice questions (1.1.1) identification a type of integration and and function of different levels of management in (1.1.10)

    2. Alternatives: in sub question (1.2.2) most candidates could not distinguish between prime and repo rates.

    3. Candidates could not match the Johannesburg Security Exchange with its function of serving as link between the investors and entrepreneurs. This is one of the most important functions of the JSE Security Exchange.

  • These business concepts should be taught by means of practical examples that can be extracted from the media, like television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Short assessment test should be regularly conducted to familiarise learners with these business concepts.


  • Learners should be exposed to concepts taught in every topic and short memory assessment should be conducted on regular basis in various assessment forms like puzzles, crosswords above these concepts and business terminologies can be extracted from articles in the newspapers, magazines radios and television news.

  • Practical examples can be used to refer to recent events, thus eliciting and enhancing learners ‘understanding.


(a) General comments on the performance of learners in the specific question.
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