Checklists for cover letters and resumes

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The cover letter should:

Check list for the cover letter:

    1. Follows business letter format?

    2. Addressed to a person, not a position (do some research to find a name)

    3. Position specifically identified immediately?

    4. Indicate how the applicant learned about the position?

    5. Briefly mentions ( in serial sentence?) all job requirements?

    6. Links experiences/achievements to job requirements?

    7. Does applicant talk about what he/she can do for employer?

    8. Well-written and error-free?

    9. One typewritten page maximum?

    10. Well laid-out on the page

    11. Good stock of paper used?

The Resume should:

Checklist for the resume:

    1. Is resume pleasing to the eye and balanced on the page?

    2. If graphics are used, are they restrained and appropriate to the position applied for?

    3. Is necessary information included:
      >contact information
      >related experience
      >awards, achievements
      Do not include names and addresses of references

    4. Is unnecessary/illegal information excluded (aage, gender, race, height, weight, number of children, marital status, political/religious affiliation)

    5. Are the categories logically and sequentially arranged?

    6. Is resume one page only, two pages absolute maximum?

    7. Is objective short and directly addressed to the position sought? Avoid "to seek an entry-level position..."; aim your objective towards a long-term career goal

    8. Are education and work experience entries in reverse chronological order (most recent first)?

    9. Has all relevant experience been included?

    10. Has wordiness (especially in job descriptions) been eliminated?

    11. If lists or serial sentences are used, is correct parallel form used?

    12. Is resume error-free?

The Essay of Application is sometimes required when applying to undergraduate or graduate schools. Often the "task" of those essays are not well-defined, so it's up to the writer to create a text which will be persuasive for an admissions officer.

Checklist for essays of application:

    1. Does the essay very early state a clear point which directly relates to the program for which the writer is applying? Is it clear that the information in the essay relates to the school or program?

    2. Is the introduction interesting and engaging without being flamboyant or excessive?

    3. Does the essay sound sincere and honest?

    4. If a specific question has been posed, does the essay completely answer and address that question?

    5. Is there sufficient evidence (often anecdotal) to back up generalizations the writer is making about him/herself?

    6. Are there extraneous details which could be cut from the essay and which lead readers away from the main point?

    7. Has the writer managed to skillfully integrate mention of some awards or distinction without appearing to brag?

    8. Does the conclusion reiterate the connection between the writer's background and the criteria of the program?

    9. Is the essay well-written and error-free?



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