Central European University department of legal studies

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Central European University DEPARTMENT OF LEGAL STUDIES

Degrees offered

  • Master of Laws in Comparative Constitutional Law (LLM in CCL)
  • Master of Laws in Human Rights (LLM in HR)
  • Master of Laws in International Business Law (LLM in IBL)
  • Master of Arts in Human Rights (MA in HR)
  • Doctor of Juridical Sciences (SJD)
  • The Master's (LLM and MA) as well as the SJD degrees are conferred under the authority of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.

Entry requirements for the Master’s Programs

  • General CEU admission requirements
  • Applicants for LLM: completed law degree
  • Exceptions:
  • = CCL - degree in political science or international relations
  • = MA in HR - BA degree
  • Admission examination
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Legal Reasoning Test
  • Academic essay of 45 minutes
    • CCL (Constitution of the US, public law system of the country of residence of the applicant, etc.)
    • IBL (conflict of laws, 1980 Vienna Convention, etc.)
    • HR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, etc.)

Entry requirements for the SJD Program

  • General CEU admission requirements
  • LLM (MA) degree from CEU or another institution with a credit load and program similar to that of CEU
  • ‘B’ or higher average
  • thesis graded “completed with honours “ or higher
  • detailed research proposal - proposed thesis, reason for choosing the topic, methodology, main problems to be researched, and jurisdictions covered (2000 words, including literature)

Length of study

  • LLM and MA: 11 months
  • SJD: 35 months (average); submission of the dissertation: maximum five years from the beginning of enrollment

Graduation requirement

  • LLM in CCL or IBL:
    • Option A) 24 course credits; 30-50 page thesis
    • Option B) 21 course credits; 70-150 page thesis
  • LLM or MA in HR:
    • 28 course credits, 50-100 page thesis
  • SJD in CCL or IBL:
    • Minimum of 10 course credits; comprehensive examination; completion of teaching assistance duties, 250-400 pages dissertation based on independent research and public defense of the dissertation

Structure of LLM (MA) programs

  • 6 modules
  • E.g. sixth module, International Business Law Program:
    • Comparative Law of Sales (H. Hunter)
    • Capital Markets and Securities Regulation (T. Tajti)
    • International Technology Transfer (F. Abbott)
    • European Private International Law (P. Hay)
    • EU Law II (P. Hay)
    • Intellectual Property Law II (P. Gerhart)
  • Professor Peter Hay European Private International Law, 28 class hours (2 credits)
  • The main focus of the course is on the jurisdiction of courts and the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial cases under the terms of the Brussels Convention (in force throughout the European Union). Topics include: the bases for jurisdiction (choice-of-court agreements, commission of a tort, place of performance of a contract), rules of res judicata, lis pendens, review of the first court's jurisdiction by the recognizing court, review for violation of local public policy. New developments (revision of the Convention and extension of its principles to matrimonial matters) will also be discussed. Consideration will be given to the recognition of decisions in the EU of decisions of courts of non-EU courts. Some of the differences in national procedural laws will be noted.

Professor Stefan Messmann

  • Professor Stefan Messmann
  • Drafting and Negotiating International Contracts, 14 class hours (1 credit)
  • Drafting contracts, and in particular international contracts, is a skill that is developed through experience and is not something that can easily be acquired through reading textbooks on the matter. Drafting an agreement is often one of the most difficult tasks confronting a young practitioner. The same is true of negotiating such contracts.
  • Taking this into consideration, this present seminar will be divided into three parts:
  • The first part will deal with the basic principles of drafting contracts, including but not limited to methods of drafting, responsibility for the first draft, objectives, layout conventions, numbering, use of precedents, style of conventions, headings and marginal notes, punctuation, checking drafts, submitting a draft, receipt of a draft, and making revisions.

In the second part the most important types of international contracts (joint venture contract, license and technology transfer agreement, franchising, sales contract, employment contract) as well as articles of association of joint ventures and international arbitration awards will be examined and discussed.

  • In the second part the most important types of international contracts (joint venture contract, license and technology transfer agreement, franchising, sales contract, employment contract) as well as articles of association of joint ventures and international arbitration awards will be examined and discussed.
  • The third part will deal - though exercises - with the skills of negotiating. This includes but is not limited to verbal and nonverbal communications; informal, competitive, and co-operative phase of negotiation; negotiating styles/tactics; post negotiation assessment; impact of cultural differences; and negotiation ethics. During this section, frequently raised negotiation issues will be discussed.

Other programs

  • Justice Initiative Fellows Program
  • PhD opportunity for Human Rights Graduates
  • Doctoral Support Program for non-CEU Students

Why CEU Legal Studies?

  • International curricula
  • International diploma
  • International faculty
  • International students, environment
  • Well equipped
  • Success stories of CEU alumni
  • Good financing opportunities

At present, CEU alumni of the DLS with whom the University is in contact are studying and employed in the following fields (%):

Alumni in high position

  • Ministers
    • Vojvodina (province in Serbia)
      • Minority Affairs
    • Estonia
      • Education
  • Deputy Minister
    • Bulgaria
  • Embassies
  • General Counsels
  • Professors

Tuition and financing

  • Tuition fee
  • LLM (MA) 12,400 USD/academic year
  • SJD 12,400 USD/academic year
  • Financial aid
  • CEU financial aid
    • Full CEU Fellowship
    • Partial CEU Fellowship
    • Tuition waiver (full, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%)
  • CEU Alumni Scholarship
  • Inter-Europa Bank Loan
  • Other funding opportunities


  • Stefan Messmann, Head of Department Károly Bárd, Chair of the Human Rights Program András Sajó, Chair of the Comparative Constitutional Law Program Tibor Várady, Chair of the International Business Law Program Csilla Kollonay Lehoczky, Director of the Doctoral Program


  • Central European University
  • Department of Legal Studies
  • 1051 BUDAPEST, NADOR U. 9
  • TELEPHONE: (36 1) 327-3023
  • TELEFAX: (36 1) 327-3198
  • E-mail: LegalSt@ceu.hu
  • WEBSITE: www.ceu.hu/legal


  • 1992 - 2004
    • Students:
      • LLM/MA: 809
      • SJD: 64
    • Professors:
      • Permanent Faculty: 26
      • Visiting Faculty: 118
    • Number of Applicants (1999-2004): 3807

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