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Center for Teaching & Learning

Yale-NUS Teaching Innovation Grant

Grant Recipients for AY2016/2017

Writing and Teaching Philosophy

By: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Mathew Walker

Many Yale-NUS students take advanced courses in, or major in, Philosophy and PPE. Such courses emphasize a special kind of writing, one whose analytical, argumentative, and evaluative character is essentially linked to the distinctive goals of philosophical thinking. However, very few Yale-NUS students have previous exposure to writing in this genre before college. And given its novelty, many students find mastering this genre in college uniquely challenging. My Teaching Innovation Grant work aims to provide Yale-NUS faculty members and students with additional insights and resources for teaching and learning the art of philosophical writing.

For Yale-NUS faculty: the aim is to learn about cutting-edge approaches to philosophy writing pedagogy. For Yale-NUS students: the aim is to provide an additional source of advice for writing in philosophy, political theory, and related topics. My grant will enable a collaborative visit to Yale-NUS from Dr. Jyl Gentzler, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Philosophy and Co-Director of the Writing Center at Amherst College. Prof. Gentzler, winner of the 2003 Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize, is currently co-authoring Mastering the Art of Philosophy: A Guide to Philosophical Writing, with Seven Exemplary Essays (under contract with Routledge). This book project grows out of her extensive research on, and experience with, philosophy-writing pedagogy. Prof. Jyl Gentzler of Amherst College will be visiting Yale-NUS College in March 2017.


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