Ccot essay Plan: The Beatles hw visit my Moodle site to download the following files

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CCOT Essay Plan: The Beatles HW
____ Visit my Moodle site to download the following files:

CCOT Beatles Song Lyrics (document)

The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand (mp3)

The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (mp3)

The Beatles - Within You Without You (mp3)

The Beatles - Let It Be (mp3)

____ Pretend that you are given this as a Change and Continuity Over Time (CCOT) Essay prompt:

Evaluate the extent to which the music of the Beatles changed from 1957 to 1969. Be sure to include continuities as well as changes.
____ You will be taking notes as you listen to the songs and read the lyrics. Choosing your own format, address the following categories for each song:

____ Download the LEQ Planning Chart from the Writing and Rubrics link on my website. (The link is not cooperating with me, so just look for the file under that category.) Either print it out or copy it onto your own paper (use front and back of a sheet of paper).

____ Plan out the essay as if you were actually writing it for a CCOT Essay. You will need to narrow down your categories first. You must have 3 total categories: either 2 of changes and 1 of continuities, or 1 of changes and 2 of continuities. Pick your categories from the five options you took notes on earlier. Note: for a continuity does not have to include all four songs to count; three songs are best, but the beginning and ending songs can also illustrate continuities. You should fill in your categories first on the chart, followed by your evidence. Evidence must always refer to a specific song.
____ For Evidence, give an early song and a later song to show one example of a change (1 box on your chart). For continuity, you do not have to use all 4 songs. Three songs are fine, or you can just do the first and last song if you don’t have evidence from all 3 songs.
____ To start your Introduction, make sure you address the first four items on the Thesis Writing and Essay Planning document that’s in the back of your binder. Determine what the argument of your thesis will be. It must either be expressed in terms of:

Degree: The Beatles’ music exhibited the most change in __________, some change in __________, and the most continuity in __________.


Direction: The Beatles’ music exhibited changes primarily in ____________________; however, it demonstrated continuities in ____________________.

____ Fill in the parts of the chart regarding your categories/topic sentences of change and continuity and evidence. Remember to be specific and reference the song used for evidence. You need to pick two songs for each box of evidence to show the change or continuity that is present.
____ Because you don’t necessarily know the historical context of the Beatles music, I’ll provide it here – copy this onto your chart for the Contextualization box:

____ To address Analysis, choose one piece of evidence in each category and explain why it changed or why it remained. Remember to use words listed (because, etc.) as you do so. Be sure to explain why it matters. It may help for you to consider how much the Beatles were impacted by rock & roll music, whether the Beatles’ trip to India shows up in their work, or if influences from specific religions could be present.

____ Restate your thesis in the final box. Don’t copy or just change a few words - find a way to fully rephrase your original thesis.
This planning will be the basis for our in-class evaluation of CCOT essays from the past later on this week – give it your best shot!

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