College Now English 110: College Writing Writing MemoryCollege Now English 110: College Writing Writing Memory
This course explores the arts and practices of effective writing and reading in college, especially the use of language to discover ideas. Methods of research and documentation will be taught
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Some Thoughts on Writing AssignmentsSome Thoughts on Writing Assignments
Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active learning in the Classroom
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Writing to Learn for College Readiness in all disciplines PresentationWriting to Learn for College Readiness in all disciplines Presentation
This format was developed by teachers at Kings Mountain High School and adapted by Janet Rogers from Stanly County Early College
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Length of lessonLength of lesson
Other cultures celebrate festivals similar to and different from Asian festivals
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Chl 451-w writing about Controversy in Literature for the Young Academic Service-Learning Course Section 000, Winter 2014Chl 451-w writing about Controversy in Literature for the Young Academic Service-Learning Course Section 000, Winter 2014
Office Hours: Tuesdays 12: 00-1: 30 pm, Thursdays 12: 00-1: 30 pm and 3: 30-5: 00 pm, and by appointment
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What is Plagiarism?What is Plagiarism?
Plagiarism has been considered as a crime requiring severe punishments such as expel from school, punishment for disciplinary action
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Eng 446 (34912) Studies in ModernismEng 446 (34912) Studies in Modernism
Enlightenment and its consequences as well as our sense of what it means to be “modern.” At the same time, theories of postmodernity raise an entirely new set of problems
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English 102 Instructor: Josh Fleming PhoneEnglish 102 Instructor: Josh Fleming Phone
You will not "rust unburnished" but will "shine in use" through constant writing and reading both in and outside of class
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The Writing Corner David KloosterThe Writing Corner David Klooster
Van Wylen Library Staff, for welcoming the Writing Corner and supporting our work
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Introductory ParagraphsIntroductory Paragraphs
Your introductory paragraph is extremely important. It sets the tone for the entire paper and introduces your reader to your argument
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Nmhs writing Handbook 2015-2016Nmhs writing Handbook 2015-2016
Humanities. The goal of this handbook is to provide teachers and students with an overview of what the three writing genre are
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On Writing & Prewriting OrganizationOn Writing & Prewriting Organization
Bradbury (Zen and the Art of Writing) and King (On Writing) as well as two other authors brought into class by the students. Create your impression of the Writing Process in a paragraph called “My View” at the bottom of the following page
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Nickel and Dimed Final EssayNickel and Dimed Final Essay
You are writing a final essay synthesizing your ideas about the topics in Nickel and Dimed: On not Getting by in America. Choose one of the following prompts and write a multi-paragraph essay explaining, informing
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Time Travel Paragraph Essay ObjectiveTime Travel Paragraph Essay Objective
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Unit 2: Argument Synthesis Essay IntroductionUnit 2: Argument Synthesis Essay Introduction
This essay will require you to synthesize – to pull together – ideas from multiple texts into an original argument; simple summary will not suffice. This essay will help you position yourself as a fellow scholar within theoretical and
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