Rights available Fall 2009Rights available Fall 2009
He was born in Paris in 1949. His passion for writing appeared in his early age but it is only in 1978, after meeting with publisher Françoise Verny in Britanny, that he starts writing full time
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Law, Social Justice & Global DevelopmentLaw, Social Justice & Global Development
Citation: Appiagyei-Atua K, 'Nominal Democracy for Development In Africa: a workable Concept?, Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal
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Myers’ psychology (7th Ed) Chapter 4 The Developing PersonMyers’ psychology (7th Ed) Chapter 4 The Developing Person
Branch of psych that studies physical, cognitive & social change throughout the life span
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Coloniality KritikColoniality Kritik
Mignolo 2006 [Walter D. Mignolo, Professor of Cultural Studies at Duke University, Citizenship, Knowledge, and the Limits of Humanity American Literary History 18. 2 (2006) 312-331]
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Rights available Fall 2010Rights available Fall 2010
Our hero enquires on redheads and all clichés and prejudices that surround them. Throughout his study, the lover examines his own obsession. A bold and erotic first novel. 208 pages
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