The scientific method defined and describedThe scientific method defined and described
Information on related issues can be found under the categories Animal Rights, Biotechnology, Knowledge, Materialism, Medical Ethics, Nanotechnology, Nature, Nuclear Weapons, Progress, and Rationalism
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Introductory Essay: New Research on the Rule of LawIntroductory Essay: New Research on the Rule of Law
Project quickly settled on a strategy of organizing groups of scholars to examine aspects of the problem, rather than attempt a single research statement
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Justifying Human Rights: The Challenge of Cross-Cultural TolerationJustifying Human Rights: The Challenge of Cross-Cultural Toleration
Human rights face a double challenge: they appear to violate the norm of state sovereignty, and they seem difficult to justify under value pluralism, across deep cross-cultural differences forcing us to consider whether they are intolerant
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Journal for Critical Animal StudiesJournal for Critical Animal Studies
And finally, because of his insistence on the priority of the imagination over reason, he would place animals solely at the mercy of human good will and leave them unprotected by the kinds of laws that protect human beings
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Reflecting on WritingReflecting on Writing
Wise, blind woman: "I don’t know whether the bird you are holding is dead or alive, but what I do know is that it is in your hands."
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