Latinos in U. S. Catholicism Timothy MatovinaLatinos in U. S. Catholicism Timothy Matovina
Several pointed out the enthusiastic immigrant response to pastoral outreach efforts. Some considered the real issue to be the hostility the immigrants so frequently meet in the United States, even from members of their own churc
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Argumentative /Persuasive Reading & writingArgumentative /Persuasive Reading & writing
Who wrote this argument,and what are his/her training,personal background,and political learning?
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Critical Thinking And ArgumentCritical Thinking And Argument
Reliable evidence and logical presentation sometimes take a back seat to shouting and demotion. However, sound and fury rarely persuade people as successfully as a convincing presentation of well-marshaled facts
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Required ReadingRequired Reading
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Flaws in South Africa’s ‘first’ economyFlaws in South Africa’s ‘first’ economy
I am actually sick of being held to ransom by the West,’ grumbles the mfundisi. ‘Do this, do that. What has all this free-market stuff brought us?
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Rapportuer’s response to points raised by angie brayRapportuer’s response to points raised by angie bray
Ets regardless of how many people continue to smoke – and banning smokers from public places means they just go and smoke somewhere else not that they necessarily give up so this does seem a bit of a red herring
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