Acadia University Faculty of Arts English 2386 X0: Literature of the Romantic PeriodAcadia University Faculty of Arts English 2386 X0: Literature of the Romantic Period
Comparatively exploring the broader relationships between creators, creations and consumers will also allow us to understand the ways in which the influential vitality of the Romantic Period remains relevant to our present cultural moment
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Adr terminology Responses to nadrac discussion PaperAdr terminology Responses to nadrac discussion Paper
Adr terminology: a discussion paper was launched by the Attorney-General in Perth on 12 June 2002. Nadrac mailed copies were mailed to all those on its contact list, with a covering letter for the nadrac chair
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Chapter 8 Congress Congress CongressChapter 8 Congress Congress Congress
Constitutional Background: Representation of Popular, Group, and National Interests
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Attracting youth to agriculture in asia: context and prospectsAttracting youth to agriculture in asia: context and prospects
Asia and Pacific. Sixty (60%) of the poor and hungry people are in Asia. The Iyff is an opportunity to tell the world to invest in smallholder agriculture, invest in women in agriculture and invest in the rural youth
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World Literature, Contrapuntal Literature May HawasWorld Literature, Contrapuntal Literature May Hawas
These alternative or larger communal and political affiliations are classified into ‘cross-nations’, ‘supra-nations’, ‘global nations’ and ‘everyday’ nations
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Barabbas RememberedBarabbas Remembered
It is frustratingly difficult to assess the historical value of the Barabbas episode, not least since the name is uncannily akin to that of Jesus and the custom of releasing a prisoner at Passover is otherwise unknown’
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Managing cultural policy: pitfalls and prospectsManaging cultural policy: pitfalls and prospects
This paper identifies and analyses these difficulties and indicates that there are considerable pitfalls in the way of attempts to develop, manage and implement effective cultural policies
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