History and Teachings of the Arya SamajHistory and Teachings of the Arya Samaj
Punjab. Since the Arya Samaj had a large following there, the marriage custom followed by them was shown in our movies. Hindi movies rightly or wrongly are said to represent India so it got embedded in my mind like many others that this is the only way of
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Position of Women in the Indian CivilizationPosition of Women in the Indian Civilization
She has done great service to religion by preserving age old traditions, moral fervor and spiritual vein in our society. It is the mother who conducts puja in our homes, attends spiritual discourses, wears Indian clothes i e
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Class 6th Scholars’ School – Syllabus of T1, U3 & T2Class 6th Scholars’ School – Syllabus of T1, U3 & T2
Letter to friend regarding your inability to attend the marriage ceremony of his brother
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Introduction Chapter 1Introduction Chapter 1
Samskars. As in Philosophy so in rituals, life is regarded as a cycle. From birth to death a Hindu person undergoes 16 Samskaras; and marriage is one of the most important among them
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Rationale 2-3Rationale 2-3
Afghanistan. Hosseini’s novel is a gripping text about two females who are forced to find their way through their culture and society
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