The personal / literary essayThe personal / literary essay
When essayists sit down to write for a living, they usually compose what we call a “personal” or “literary” essay. We use both terms, not exactly interchangeably
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Of Mice and Men paper assignmentOf Mice and Men paper assignment
There are several themes we can explore as we consider what topic to choose for our
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The Princess Bride Key and Lesson Plan Ideas IntroductionThe Princess Bride Key and Lesson Plan Ideas Introduction
Extended Activity (honors): Have students research the original version of a fairytale and compare it to the Disney version. Have students write a comparison contrast essay, citing sources
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Short Stories Unit Text-Analysis EssayShort Stories Unit Text-Analysis Essay
Two short stories and analyze how the authors’ use of one literary element develops the theme (You do not need to use the same element for both texts). Use strong and thorough evidence from the short story to support your analysis
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“Of Mice and Men” paper assignment“Of Mice and Men” paper assignment
Upon the dog’s death, he has no one, and therefore, attaches himself to George and Lennie’s dream. He does not want to end up an outcast and alone. Even after Lennie kills Curley’s wife
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Literary Analysis EssayLiterary Analysis Essay
Choose any one of the short stories that was assigned and read in class this semester and write an essay in which you analyze literary devices and the author’s purpose for using them
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Notes on Question #3 of the A. P. Literature & Composition examinationNotes on Question #3 of the A. P. Literature & Composition examination
The essay should be analytical, not declarative, I e., do not tell the reader. Rather, show the reader via explanations and examples. You
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