Self-interest determines behavior People act through self-interestSelf-interest determines behavior People act through self-interest
Peter A. Facione (prof of philosophy, Calif. State Univ at Fullerton), The Student’s Guide to Philosophy 1988
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Semester Final ReviewSemester Final Review
The political base of the Democratic party in the late nineteenth century lay especially in
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Ap united states history syllabusAp united states history syllabus
It is therefore important for you to become dedicated towards the goal of passing the ap exam at the end of the year. If you will come prepared to learn and be willing to do the assignments you will meet that goal
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Test Breakdown Friday 5/5Test Breakdown Friday 5/5
I am proud of each of you and more importantly I respect each of you for taking this class
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Apush unit 8 Test Part 1 (Matching, Short Answer & Long Essay) MatchingApush unit 8 Test Part 1 (Matching, Short Answer & Long Essay) Matching
Louisiana senator who championed the downtrodden and built a powerful and corrupt political machine
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University of FloridaUniversity of Florida
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