RE. incident at new maharashtra sadanRE. incident at new maharashtra sadan
Shri sitaram yechury: Sir, may I request that you allow a discussion after the Question Hour on this issue?
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Academic writing skillsAcademic writing skills
It will be argued that the benefits of sales promotion outweigh the disadvantages
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Library guide on ieee referencingLibrary guide on ieee referencing
The ieee citation style is now widely used in electrical, electronic and computing publications. Ieee provides instructions for authors for each type of publication such as journals, magazines, newsletters, and standards
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College of Business: Guidelines for referencing and presentation in written reports and essaysCollege of Business: Guidelines for referencing and presentation in written reports and essays
Step 2 Read the instructions, relating to your assessments as set down in your Course Guide 31
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Library guide on mla referencinLibrary guide on mla referencin
America (mla). The organisation was founded in 1883, when modern languages were beginning to gain a place in the curriculum alongside the classical languages – ancient Greek and Latin
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What is an essay?What is an essay?
Below are some notes to help you understand what’s required in an academic essay. For detailed help and information try the following useful internet sites
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Apa citationsApa citations
Apa system—as in any documentation system—the sources of all research information must be identified, whether quoted or summarized in your own words
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Library guide on apaLibrary guide on apa
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Library guide on Chicago referencinLibrary guide on Chicago referencin
The Chicago style of referencing has been developed by the University of Chicago. There have been several editions of the Chicago Manual of Style, the aim of which is to aid authors in the preparation of manuscripts
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Referencing ExercisesReferencing Exercises
Referencing your sources acknowledges the work of the original authors; it helps others to locate the same sources for their own learning purposes
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Against Software PatentsAgainst Software Patents
League for Programming Freedom, "Against Software Patents", Communications of the acm, January 1992. (pg. 67)
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November 27, 2014 Rhetorical EssayNovember 27, 2014 Rhetorical Essay
While there are advantages in having an iPhone, there are disadvantages as well for having access to the mobile device. American teenagers from the ages thirteen to nineteen should decrease the usage of iPhones because of the health effects of loss
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Research Skills: The Extended Project (epq)Research Skills: The Extended Project (epq)
After discussions in your groups note down what you think are the most important points from the following two slides and film
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Introducing Srimad Bhagavad GitaIntroducing Srimad Bhagavad Gita
Remember it is all a beautiful dream, because everything is changing and disappearing. If you become detached you will be able to see how people are attached to trivia and how much they are suffering
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How to avoid plagiarism: five top tips. IntroductionHow to avoid plagiarism: five top tips. Introduction
No student wants to be accused of plagiarism as the consequences can be serious and far reaching. The majority of us never intend to plagiarise but can end up doing so without realising, however, ignorance is no excuse
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