Rubrics Considered HelpfulRubrics Considered Helpful
Validation: Evidence to support that the manner in which assessment information is used is appropriate
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Bioethical Film Festival gbs ap biologyBioethical Film Festival gbs ap biology
We should entertain opposing viewpoints; they stimulate critical thinking skills and produce a free exchange of thoughts and opinions
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Ethics and social responsibility multiple choiceEthics and social responsibility multiple choice
According to the concept of moral intensity, a worker is most likely to behave ethically and legally when
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The ethical dilemma of labeling geneticall modifed foodThe ethical dilemma of labeling geneticall modifed food
Most people have most likely already consumed some sort of genetically modified food because so many food companies use it in their production. Everyone should be concerned with genetically modified food because the odds are you have eating it at some part in
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Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions
When Sally is asked why she should share her toys with her sister, she responds by saying "Because my mom says I have to and if I don't I'll go to time-out." In which stage of moral development is Sally?
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An ethical dilemma in bioprinted organsAn ethical dilemma in bioprinted organs
As the length of the average American life increases, so does the possibility of an organ failure. Figure 1 shows how the organ shortage has grown over time
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Tips for the Personal Essay Options on the Common Application Avoid Pitfalls and Make the Most of Your Personal EssayTips for the Personal Essay Options on the Common Application Avoid Pitfalls and Make the Most of Your Personal Essay
Option evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you
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University of California, Santa BarbaraUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Johnson, Andrew. Viral Politics: Jacques Derrida’s reading of Auto-Immunity and the political philosophy of Carl Schmitt. Lap lambert Academic Publishing. Berlin, German
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The ibcc reflective ProjectThe ibcc reflective Project
The Reflective Project is an opportunity to demonstrate how you apply ib learner Profile skills to a project of your own design
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Joseph valenteJoseph valente
University of Illinois List of Excellent Teachers, Fall 1997,1999,2001,2003, 2005, 2007
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