Curriculum vitaeCurriculum vitae
Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (Flemish Literary Fund) / Fonds voor de Letteren (Dutch Literary Fund), Grant for the translation of Kawakami Hiromi's Sensei no kaban
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An introduction to japanese animé Type of courseAn introduction to japanese animé Type of course
The course is designed as a course unit that can be included as a component in a Batchelor’s degree circle. The teaching is in English. The course is given by the faculty of Media
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First playoffFirst playoff
Roger Taney’s decision in Ex Parte Merryman, and it was also an issue in Ex Parte McCardle and Ex Parte Milligan after Abraham Lincoln suspended it in 1861
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Schoenberg’s Poetry Lesson You are What You ReadSchoenberg’s Poetry Lesson You are What You Read
Schoenberg took all of his ideas directly from his interpretation of poetry. As his focus on poets shifted, so did his compositional aims and technique from writing simple straightforward songs to harmonically and structurally complex music inspired by the poetry he
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John Chilver Glenn Brown October 2013John Chilver Glenn Brown October 2013
That is the ‘it’ that we still don’t get. We have not learned to unlearn our fascination for a false god called progress. That is as much a matter for art – with its modern cults of endless radical invention and the cherished ‘breakthrough’ – as it is for our culture
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15th annual conference local Narratives / Global Narratives of Identity15th annual conference local Narratives / Global Narratives of Identity
The Local & the Global in the Construction of Identities: a cultural Studies Approach
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Oxford University Department for Continuing EducationOxford University Department for Continuing Education
We shall focus on the English language of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the narrative voice, focalisers and perspective, irony, dialogue, characterisation, and elements of style such as lexis and syntax
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Jazz history IntroductionJazz history Introduction
Volumes have been written on the origins of jazz based on black American life-styles. The early influences of tribal drums and the development of gospel
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Introduction to Results Based ManagementIntroduction to Results Based Management
The rbm approach has been used in many countries as a strategic performance planning tool, including a version of it that was introduced in Malaysia in 1990
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