Transgressive CaregivingTransgressive Caregiving
I will likely share a draft chapter from Part III, which aims to apply the theoretical groundwork set out here to a set of concrete contemporary debates about families and family care work. An abstract of the book precedes the essay
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Evaluating Outcomes That Really Matter in an adp an Introduction to Transformative EvaluationEvaluating Outcomes That Really Matter in an adp an Introduction to Transformative Evaluation
This introduction is taken from a more extensive monograph. It outlines the main points in the monograph without many of the illustrations and specific guidelines
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Philosophy 221 – Indian PhilosophyPhilosophy 221 – Indian Philosophy
Samkhya, Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra--as well as of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist schools. It explores historical and recent interactions with these traditions outside of their homeland
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History of islamic ArtHistory of islamic Art
Qur’an. A specific concern of the course is the body of Mughal narratives as the locus of visual aesthetic expression and the profound theoretical questions that a study of these narratives throws into perspective
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High court of australiaHigh court of australia
B w walker sc with m e eliadis for the respondents
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\"Animal Spirits\" Peter Schmidt"Animal Spirits" Peter Schmidt
Williams the force of uncorralled creativity breaking social and literary forms. Both spirits, figured as animals, were totems central to Williams’ understanding of the human creative act
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Katrien Struyven Filip Dochy Steven JanssensKatrien Struyven Filip Dochy Steven Janssens
Paper presented at the Joint Northumbria/ Earli sig assessment and Evaluation Conference: Learning communities and assessment cultures, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, Longhirst Campus, Wednesday 28 Friday 30 August 2002
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Fragrance and fantasyFragrance and fantasy
Perfume begins and ends with Chanel No. ” (Serpent, M, 16 November 2003)4 The fragrance is famous for its uniqueness, longevity and popularity
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Translating the Exilic The Cultural Problematik of Reception of Adorno-in-EnglishTranslating the Exilic The Cultural Problematik of Reception of Adorno-in-English
He goes on to commend Weber’s “meticulous and thoughtful” translation of Prisms that aids the individual essays in becoming concrete instances of the author’s broader epistemology
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Mastering ConceptsMastering Concepts
Animals are multicellular, have cells without walls, are heterotrophs by ingestion, have a blastula stage during development, and have cells embedded in an extracellular matrix
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Asimov Close Reading (or, Robot Rhetoric): Assignment DescriptionAsimov Close Reading (or, Robot Rhetoric): Assignment Description
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Title of lesson planTitle of lesson plan
Swift does in Gulliver's Travels, this activity can help consolidate thinking about authors' views of science and society. If students have not yet read any of the following novels
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Choices: The ability to make decisions concerning the way a person lives their lifeChoices: The ability to make decisions concerning the way a person lives their life
Constraints: Limits on the ability of people and groups to make decisions over various facets of their lives
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Introduction I. An overviewIntroduction I. An overview
Globalization and it effects on cultural integration: the case of the czech republic
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Chapter 1--the Mission and the MethodChapter 1--the Mission and the Method
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