South plains college placement informationSouth plains college placement information
K tasp, Accuplacer or one of the other approved alternative tests, may register for developmental classes only. Students who have no test scores but have taken thea, tasp or other assessment tests, cannot register for restricted classes
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Accelerated/Evening ProgramsAccelerated/Evening Programs
Socratic method (the use of questions to develop a potential idea in a student’s mind) of inquiry to maximize students’ presentation and discussion opportunities during class sessions
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Class identificationClass identification
Topics fundamental to living an aware life are the focus of this course. What is the nature of human freedom? What are its limits? What is the good life? What is a just society like? What are the limits of human knowledge? Questions such as these are
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The strategic role of accounting course syllabusThe strategic role of accounting course syllabus
Student subscription to Journal of Accountancy, from Student Affiliate Membership in aicpa
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History 0601 history of the united states, 1865-present the CourseHistory 0601 history of the united states, 1865-present the Course
U. S. history, and (3) sharpen your critical reading and writing skills. With the exception of two sessions devoted to exam preparation, each recitation session will feature a major controversy in American history
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School of Music mus 250 music and civilizationSchool of Music mus 250 music and civilization
Following the apu credit Hour policy to meet the identified student learning outcomes of this course, the expectations are that this three-unit course, delivered over a fifteen-week term will approximate
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Guide to First-Year WritingGuide to First-Year Writing
First-Year Writing (fyw) Program at The University of Texas at Arlington. The Fyw program introduces students to academic discourse and argumentative writing and develops the reading
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Phy 151 Astronomy Winter 2016 Syllabus InstructorPhy 151 Astronomy Winter 2016 Syllabus Instructor
The mathematical skills necessary for this course include working with ratios, rates, scaling, unit conversion, percentages, exponents, graphing, basic geometry, and substitution into formulas. Prerequisites: eng 085 and Math 031 or higher
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Honors 272: The Human EventHonors 272: The Human Event
Note: Successful completion of this course requires a thorough knowledge of this syllabus. Please read it carefully and get in the habit of bringing it to class; you are responsible for the information contained therein
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Rationale for Gender UnitRationale for Gender Unit
The students will also refer to personal experience in order to construct meaning and fully understand the role of gender in their lives. Our essential question will be: What is the impact of gender roles that society creates and enforces?
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~ Jessica Romeo, teacher~ Jessica Romeo, teacher
No matter what metaphor for education you subscribe to- gardens in bloom, building blocks, puzzle pieces – it all comes down to connection. From page to mind, from teacher to student, from me to you
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Mid-cycle progress reportMid-cycle progress report
I: Student/Community Profile Data
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