Academic Language for English Language Learners FeaturingAcademic Language for English Language Learners Featuring
Note: To see an extended introduction to academic language, look at chapters 4 and 5 of the Doing What Works’ Digital Workshop about Teaching Reading to English Language Learners
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Teaching for understandingTeaching for understanding
American Educator: The Professional Journal of the American Federation of Teachers; v17 n3, pp. 8,28-35, Fall 1993
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Paris and New York: geographies and histories in the garment industryParis and New York: geographies and histories in the garment industry
How much have things changed and to what extent do they remain the same, or different but equally oppressive and unbearable for the seamstress?
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Internet History and GrowthInternet History and Growth
Used extensively by the U. S. Government during the American Civil War, 1861 1865 Morse Code was dots and dashes, or short signals and long signals
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Why do some children get a head start on vocabulary?Why do some children get a head start on vocabulary?
And since most instruction for the first four years of school is oral, the child who has the largest vocabulary will understand the most, while the child with the smallest vocabulary grasps the least
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G. patrick slattery, jrG. patrick slattery, jr
Thesis: An Ethnographic Study of an African American Church during Negotiations for Realigning School Boundaries in a Rural Louisiana School District
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The Importance of the TopicThe Importance of the Topic
Now that the Pong and Pac-Man generations have aged and few Stanford undergraduates can remember a world without Mario, computer games have suddenly grown up. It is a good time to think about the place of games among media and how we can preserve
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Thematic essay questionThematic essay question
Directions: Write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, several paragraphs addressing the task below, and a conclusion
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Unit 6: The Gilded AgeUnit 6: The Gilded Age
Chapters 17, 18, 19, and 20 in the Divine text and parts of Chapters 10 and 11 in Fast Track to a 5
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Multiple choice. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the questionMultiple choice. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question
Which one of the following states was least likely to have any industry in 1900?
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Women\Women's Trade Union League and Its Leaders Author Index
Mary Winslow and a printed report of the Chicago wtul's memorial services for Margaret Dreier Robins Miscellaneous Memorabilia
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Chapter 6: a new industrial ageChapter 6: a new industrial age
A period in time starting in the late 1800’s where us industries, in major manufacturing goods, were expanding rapidly
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Chapter 5 – An Industrial Nation Section NotesChapter 5 – An Industrial Nation Section Notes
As Native Americans gradually lost their battle for their lands in the West, settlers brought in new enterprises-mining, ranching, and farming
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Industrial Power and Its Impact on American SocietyIndustrial Power and Its Impact on American Society
The American Centennial Exposition was one of key events of the year, with a "world’s fair" in Philadelphia made up of dozens of buildings and pavilions that extolled the progress of the nation -its growth in size and industrial, its
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Essential QuestionEssential Question
What impact did immigration and urbanization have on American life during the Gilded Age (1870-1900)?
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