Career Exploration Essay

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Leslie Quinn

SSP 1000

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Career Exploration Essay

I am currently a Pre-Business major and am working on my pre-candidacy courses for the Labovitz School of Business and Economics I have until next year, when I finish my 60 pre-candidacy credits, to decide what I want to major in within the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. As of now I am interested in both Marketing and the newest major offered in the business school, Health Care Management. But, I am wondering what I can do with a Marketing or Health Care Management major when I graduate.

I did some research to find more information about both majors. At the major/minor expo I picked up information sheets on the majors from the business school table. The Health Care Management major focuses on the management, financing, and economics of the health services sector. It prepares students for careers in heath care management or policy, clinical medicine, pharmaceutical services, nursing, or dentistry. There is currently a high demand for managers in health care and health product organizations and the health care industry is the nation’s second largest employer. Marketing is about facilitating exchanges. The marketing mix consists of product/service, price, promotion, and distribution. There is business to business marketing, consumer marketing, international marketing, marketing between profit and non-profit organizations, and between individuals. Successful marketing majors are capable of using analytical, statistical, and financial tools to solve marketing problems. It is necessary for marketing majors to have strong written and oral communication skills.

Career Services offers a website that helps to show you what you can do with a major. They give career areas, employers, and strategies to help get jobs. There are many different areas of marketing including sales, customer service, purchasing, retail, banking, brand management, and market research. Marketing managers are found in nearly every industry. Most entry-level marketing majors are in sales. Marketing managers work in offices and working more than 40 hours a week is not uncommon. Traveling may also be involved in the job. The median annual earnings in May of 2004 were $87,640 for marketing managers. Health care managers are also called health care executives or health care administrators. New graduates usually begin as administrative assistants or assistant department heads. They work long hours because some health care facilities are open 24 hours and may be called when help is needed. Some managers work in private offices and some share their office space because they spend a considerable amount of time with coworkers. The median annual earnings of health care managers were $67,430 in May 2004.

If I decide to pursue further education after I graduate to help my advancement in my career, it is possible. A major in Health Care Management provides a base education for students interested in obtaining a master’s degree in Health Services Administration. In marketing you may be able to advance just with job experience. I could also go on to get a M.B.A. (Masters of Business Administration), which will open greater opportunities. Many firms offer continuing education programs for their staff and will pay for part or all of the cost.

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