Career Exploration and Self-Assessments, Information about Majors: What to Study? Informal Assessments

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Career Exploration and Self-Assessments, Information about Majors: What to Study? Informal Assessments - see Research Career Paths -“The O*NET system serves as the nation's primary source of occupational information, providing comprehensive information on key attributes and characteristics of workers and occupations. The O*NET database houses this data and O*NET OnLine provides easy access to that information” Onet Online is a government sponsored site with information on careers, projected growth or decline of specific fields, income for specific jobs nationally and by state, and a very minute itemization of skills used in a particular job.” Has interest profiler at - The Kiersey Temperament Sorter II - Occupational Outlook Handbook - MyRoad from The College Board - sponsored by the US Department of Labor and called CareerOneStop because of its universality of purpose - U.S. Department of Labor website about employment, agencies and books that provide job search and seeker assistance and insights into the future of various occupational and statistical research regarding the industries. - lists colleges by career schools and career exploration sites transferable skill survey - career and interest survey based on Holland’s theories on Rutgers University website.
Need link Personality Mosaic from Delta College - True Colors personality quiz - Career Interests Game from the University of Missouri

College Search and Applications Process: - College and university Rankings from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; lists many different ways to rank a college, i.e. best for Asian Americans, Young America's Foundation Top Ten Conservative Colleges”, Black Enterprise's Top Colleges for African Americans, Community College Week's Top 100 Associate's Degree and Certificate Producers, Hispanic's Top 25 Colleges for Latinos, John Templeton Foundation: Colleges That Encourage Character Development, Kiplinger's 100 Best Values in Public Colleges, Mother Jones Top 10 Activist Schools, New Mobility Disability-Friendly Colleges, Princeton Review's The Best Colleges Ranked by Students, Top American Research Universities, Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Feeder Schools - Colleges that Change Lives - offers a very comprehensive look at the entire college admissions process, including a search tool with an "Ask the Counselor" section. - National Center for Educational Statistics - lists schools as well as tuitions of various colleges and universities
Diversity: - United Negro College Fund, includes scholarship information - information on historically black colleges and universities as well as college preparation information.
Essays: - Connecticut College's "Essays That Worked": - College Summit's "In Their Words": - Reed College's "My Essay" - University of Virginia essay writing tips - National Association of College Admissions Counselors
Financial Aid and Scholarships:
Financial Aid Homepage for the U.S. Department of Education's office of Federal Student Aid, offering free information, guidance and tools for federal student assistance. - Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA - Peterson's Guide to Financial Aid - US Department of Education website for financial aid - Fast Aid - Find Tuition - United Negro College Fund - Scholarship resources and podcasts; this site has a free e-book, too - resources offered by the US government for the students and their families - another U.S. government site for student aid

Homepage for the U.S. Department of Education's office of Federal Student Aid, site that offers free information, guidance and tools for federal student assistance. - Facts on Student Loans - Information on minority scholarships -This free site provides opportunities for over 650,000 awards. - This site has a college, career, and scholarship search tool. - This site has links to "corporate-sponsored scholarships" as well as financial aid websites.
Scholarships is a comprehensive scholarship search engine - a list of scholarship options for the K-12 levels - view scholarships by student type, degree, subject, state, athletic, minority, etc. - Free scholarship search site created by Sallie Mae -offers listing of various sites a student with disabilities can access to find information relative to scholarship opportunities
Scholarship Scams and what to watch out for - “Can You Spot a College Scholarship Scam?” College Board -“Recent Headlines Regarding Scholarship Scams”, National Association of College Admission Counseling - A SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid
Gap year (Opportunities at Sea): - sponsored by the University of Virginia; grants academic credit for participation in Semester at Sea courses. - “SEA Semester focuses on a comprehensive, interdisciplinary view of the world's oceans with an emphasis on oceanography.” - offers courses on seamanship, sailing, marine biology, etc.
International Students: - website from the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and has everything you could ever want to know about studying in the United States, including finding a school for undergrad or graduate education, Fulbright programs, scholarships, visas, and the application process. It's a one-stop shopping site. - is a non-profit organization that helps international students to study in the United States. They offer educational advising services, English-language instruction, access to Fulbright scholarships, administration of the YES program for high school exchange students, and in some locations, administration of TOEFL exams. They have offices throughout the Middle East and work in coordination with the U.S. Department of State. - is the link for an explanation of the TOEFL exam, including those who can apply for waiver if they have been educated in English. - The official site from the Educational Testing Service for the English language test used in college admissions - free online TOEFL exam test practice - free online TOEFL exam test practice - This website provides scholarship information for international students. Search awards by award type, location, country, field of study. - extensive database of scholarships maintained by International Institute of Education (IIE). International students can find scholarships based on field of study, region, location in the US or by name of the scholarship program -financial aid for international students

NACAC site for international students - Lists a variety of resources for an international students such as international student loans, travel, phone cards, insurance, tax returns, scholarships, etc.

Homestay placement programs for international students in Northern California, Southern California and Hawaii

Learning Disabilities, Special Education, and Disabilities: - provides important information one should know when dealing with legal rights of special needs children. - Site with numerous sites for special education and learning disability support. - Hartwick University has an excellent site for learning support, including a power point presentation that can be downloaded on making the transition from high school to college. Click on it from the home page. -offers listing of various sites a student with disabilities can access to find information relative to scholarship opportunities - promotes educational opportunities for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Information on receiving special accommodations for the PSAT, SAT, or AP.

Information on receiving special accommodations for the ACT. - Information on receiving special accommodations for the ISEE. - Information on receiving special accommodations for the SSAT. Go to "Testing Alternatives," then click on "Students with Disabilities."
Parent Resources: - teaches parents how to plan, prepare their child, and pay for college. - Higher Education Center: The Parent Connection - Provides parents with information on admission, financial aid, reference books, choosing a college, and parent organizations. -Online/blogs/parents/archive/2007/10/11/coping-resources-for-college-parents-helping-yourself-and-your-kids-through-the-changes-and-challenges-of-the-college-years.aspx - Great article for college parents on coping when their child goes to college. The article also provides additional Internet resources and reference books for parents. - Gear Up resources clearinghouse offers a parent college awareness menu. - “College Parents of America (CPA) is the only national membership association dedicated to helping parents prepare and put their children through college easily, economically and safely. CPA is a resource, advisor and advocate for more than 32 million households with parents of current and future college students throughout the U.S.” - blogs and listservs for parents

SAT/ACT Tests and Preparation: - official website for the SAT - official website for the ACT - official website for information about the PSAT - Site contains links to practice tests for SAT tests and drills, Math tests and drills, and Vocabulary tests and drills. - contains practice tests, strategies, help for understanding the tests - contains practice tests, strategies, help for understanding the tests - free preparation site - free preparation site - free site that also includes blogs from other test takers - time management for test taking - access to a huge variety of sample and practice tests; free - personalized online test preparation for SAT, ACT, and PSAT for a fee - fee based online test prep - large company with 70 years of experience in test prep; fee-based - well-known test prep company; fee-based - some fee-based prep, including vocabulary instruction for visual learners - online, fee-based test prep, including for PSAT
For accommodations of students with disabilities, see section under learning disabilities.
Student Athletes: - National Collegiate Athletic Association
This is a comprehensive - college check-list for the student-athlete is very exhaustive and informative. The realistic assessment is a good pointer towards the reality. Last but not the least, it provides a link to the must-read "Guide for the college-bound athlete" and NCAA clearinghouse. - national letter of intent

is a must-read for the student-athlete. - provides a free tool for student athletes looking to combine athletics and academics at a D3 college. - lots of information regarding college sports. - online resources for the student athlete - free athletic recruiting information site for all student-athletes, parents, coaches, counselors, and anyone else looking for information on the college athletic recruiting process. - pages for counselors helping the student athlete - how to help the student athlete stay on track. Contains clear charts and lists showing grade-by-grade course requirements. - NCAA clearing house basics. - National Junior College Athletic Association. - How to write sports resumes - more on sports resumes - connecting coaches with potential recruits. - College Sports Recruiting and Marketing Website - Here is the NAIA's Guide: - links to eligibility forms for NJCAA. - site for all California Junior Colleges The Sports Scholarship Handbook. - Student Athlete Handbook - National Association for Girls & Women in Sports - Free college sports recruiting service. - National Recruiting Network - for students who want to ride in college with a list of all the riding programs in colleges around the U.S. - equine science programs as well as riding allows you to search for the club sports that are available at a college.

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