Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan Lesson Plans for Grades 9 -12 Aligned with Ontario Curriculum

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Canadian Women for Women
in Afghanistan

Lesson Plans for Grades 9 -12

Aligned with Ontario Curriculum

Understanding Human Rights

in Afghanistan

Canadian Students as Global Citizen

Canada was among the nation members of the Bonn Agreement, signed December 5, 2001, who committed their countries to strengthening stability and security in Afghanistan. Canada has played a prominent role, committing humanitarian aid and military support, at a significant cost.
Canada’s role in Afghanistan provides an impetus to align curriculum to inform and educate young people about the beleaguered nation.
This resource offers a list of courses, and curriculum expectations, drawn from the Ontario secondary school curriculum guidelines, which lend themselves readily to the inclusion of Afghanistan content. A series of activities/lessons and resources are provided However, these activities constitute a sample of possible lessons as the potential to incorporate Afghanistan material goes far beyond the parameters of this resource. The activities can generate diagnostic, formative, and/or summative assessments, according to the teacher’s discretion.
Teachers are invited to correlate Ontario curriculum expectations with the activities included in the resource. In addition, teachers are encouraged to develop curriculum units, incorporating content related to Afghanistan, based on the design down process.
Finally, the almost infinite range of curriculum expectations which can apply to Afghanistan provides an exciting opportunity for teachers to develop Interdisciplinary courses, as outlined in the Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12, Interdisciplinary Studies Guideline, 2002. The provision of the curriculum expectations culled out of the Ontario Curriculum Guidelines, in Appendix E, can provide a ready starting point for this process.
This resource provides a foundation for educational applications and investigations; however, the exponential growth of material related to Afghanistan, and the evolving political, military, and cultural developments will increase the potential to embed content in the Ontario curriculum.


(specific Expectations listed by grade and course in Appendix E)
ENG 1D - English

ENG 1P - English

ENG 1L - English

CGC 1D – Geography of Canada

CGC 1P - Geography of Canada

ADA 1O – Dramatic Arts

HIF 1O – Individual, Family and Social Living
ENG 2D - English

ENG 2P - English

CHC 2D – Canadian History in the 20th Century

CHC 2P - Canadian History in the 20th Century

CHV 2O - Civics

HIF 2O - Individual, Family and Social Living

ENG 3U -English

ENG 3C -English

ENG 3E -English

HRT 3M –World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions

HRF 3O –World Religions: Beliefs and Daily Life

CPC 3O – Canadian Politics and Citizenship

CHT 3O – Twentieth-Century History: Global and Regional Perspectives

ENG 4U -English

ENG 4C -English

ENG 4E -English

CPW 4U – Canadian and World Politics

CGU 4U – World Geography: Urban Patterns and Interactions

CHY 4C – World History: The West and the World

CHY 4U - World History: The West and the World

CGW 4U –Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis

CLN 4U – Canadian and International Law

HHS 4M –Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society

Lesson #1

Psycho-social Effects of Conflict in Afghanistan

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