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Throughout this unit we have focused on Roman cultural ideals and the development of the Roman state. Two figures, Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus, profoundly influenced Rome’s political structure. While Caesar’s efforts to transform Roman politics ended in his assassination, Augustus ruled Rome for over forty years.

Your job in this assignment is to answer this central question:
Why was Augustus able to establish himself successfully as sole ruler of Rome while Julius Caesar did not?
Consider also:
Do you consider either of these men “great” leaders? Does the answer change when you consider this question in historical context? (Is “great” leadership for Rome different than “great” leadership for our own time and society?)


Use your notes and conclusions from reading the sources and watching the films to present your conclusions.

Present your conclusions with supporting evidence in a 5-7 page essay. USE THE CHECKLIST to ensure you have met all of the assignment’s expectations.
Be sure to include specific references, using MLA parenthetical documentation, to the majority of the available sources. You must use at least six (6) of the primary sources, but more is better.
Your typed essay should:

• intro: hook, bkgd context, and ends with a thesis

• analytical topic sentences that directly support thesis

• topic sentences fully reflect ideas/evidence in each paragraph

• sufficient convincing evidence for topic sentences & thesis

• conclusion: summarizes reasons, provides closure

• written for ‘unfamiliar reader’

• formal writing style – see Style Sheet

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