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1. His essay Feeling into Words tells of his poetic struggle in avoiding the elevation of violence to a heroic level. He wrote a series of grim swamp poems such as The Tollund Man and Bog Queen in the collection North. Ghosts haunt the speaker in a dream sequence called Station Island, which also tangentially features some of his frequent political concerns. The poem Death of a Naturalist is noted in his 1995 Nobel citation. FTP, name this poet, most famous for his celebrated translation of Beowulf and being the most influential Irish poet since Yeats (YAY-ts).

Answer: Seamus Heaney
2. It is governed by the Bunsen-Roscoe law and is more easily seen in developing tissue than in fully differentiated tissue. Early studies showed that it does not occur if the tip of the coleoptile is removed, and led to the discovery of auxin. A mechanism hasn't been found for the asymmetric distribution of auxin preferentially to the darker side. FTP, name this plant growth response which is positive or negative depending on whether the plant grows toward or away from a light source.

Answer: phototropism

3. Duane Allman attributed his solo guitar ability to this album. It was originally released with five tracks, though a recent re-release added a sixth alternative version of one of the songs. It opens with two notes of Paul Chambers on bass before Bill Evans joins him on piano. They play off each other until Jimmy Cobb comes in on drums in the first track, entitled So What. Wynton Kelly plays only on Freddie Freeloader, and John Coltrane is probably the second-most famous man to play on, FTP, what seminal 1959 jazz album by Miles Davis?

Answer: Kind of Blue

4. It was originally a 100-foot long Whitby coal ship carrying cargo from England to Scandinavia under the name Earl of Pembroke. Purchased by the British Navy, refitted and renamed, it set sail on its most famous voyage with a crew of 93 men, two dogs, and a goat. It was sent by the Royal Geographic Society to make astronomical observations of Venus passing in front of the Sun. In 1769, upon arriving in Tahiti, the captain opened his secret orders instructing him to search for and claim the mysterious Terra Australis Incognita. FTP, give the name of James Cook’s ship on his first expedition to the South Pacific.

Answer: Endeavour (accept H.M.B. Endeavour or H.M.S. Endeavour)

5. Robert Lowell said of them, “you waited for their essays, and when a good one came out it had the excitement of a new imaginative work.” They viewed the work of art as an independent whole separate from cultural or biographical concerns, and heralded the works of John Donne and T.S. Eliot. The Kenyon Review upheld their tenets, and its advisory board was manned by Mark Van Doren, Allen Tate, and John Crowe Ransom. FTP, Robert Penn Warren was a leader of what prominent movement in literary criticism?

Answer: New Criticism

6. In her earliest manifestations, this goddess was associated with the storehouse and thus personified as the goddess of dates, wool, meat, and grain. Often accompanied by a lion, she was reputed to have once fallen in love with one. In the guise of Siduri the barmaid, she appears on the lip of the sea near the Land of Life. At one time, she caused her childhood lover Tammuz to be consigned to the underworld. FTP, name this goddess who called upon Anu to send the Bull of Heaven to kill Gilgamesh, the goddess of war, procreation and love.

Answer: Ishtar (accept Inanna before Siduri)

7. This band's chief creative force earned a bachelor’s and a masters in mechanical engineering at MIT. He was also a 6’5” basketball player who considered turning pro. While trying to convince a music label to take a chance on him he worked as a senior development engineer at Polaroid in the mid-1970's. Their self-titled debut album, which had the hit Rock and Roll Band went platinum. FTP, give the name of this band that produced hits like Smokin, Peace of Mind and More than a Feeling.

Answer: Boston

8. This city has a large network of cemeteries because burial within its walls is considered a direct path to paradise. In an important 680 CE battle, Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Mohammed, was defeated and killed near this city, and Hussein’s tomb remains one of the greatest shrines for Shiite Muslims. Located on the Euphrates River fifty kilometers southwest of Baghdad, FTP, what Iraqi city was recently the center of a large pilgrimage, and is separated from a reservoir to the west by its narrow namesake “gap”?

Answer: Karbala (or Kerbela)

9. This chart was first published in 1953 by the Bell Labs researcher it is named for. Often called the Venn Diagram of Boolean logic, this simple diagram allows for the simplification of Boolean expressions easily. It represents the same values as a truth table, but by using two dimensions instead of one it makes it easy to determine simplifications. FTP, give the name for the method often called a “K-map”.

Answer: Karnaugh map (accept “K-map” before mention)

10. In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf said “all women together ought to let flowers fall upon” her tomb. She wrote a response to Rochester’s bawdy poem The Imperfect Enjoyment in which the speaker finds “a snake” instead of “that fabulous Priapus.” She served as a spy for Charles II, but is better known as a dramatist, with plays like The Widow Ranter, which is based on Bacon’s Rebellion and is the first English play to be set in the American colonies. FTP, name the author of The Rover and Oroonoko.

Answer: Aphra Behn

11. His Thalia, espousing the “out of nothing” argument, took the form of popular songs, and was written when he was exiled in Palestine. Born in Libya, he entered Alexandrian politics on the side of the schismatic Meletius, and despite his position, was ordained a deacon in 307 CE. After his deposition at a 321 synod, he became friends with Eusebius and the Emperor Constantine, who defended his view against Athanasius of Alexandria. However, his creed, that Christ is not of the same substance as God, was overturned at the Council of Niceaea. FTP, name this early Christian heretic.

Answer: Arius (accept Arianism)

12. The seat of Calhoun County, Alabama with a population of 9400. A town of 8500 west of New Haven, Connecticut. A township in Butler County, Ohio, home to the University of Miami. Seat of Lafayette County, Mississippi, where author William Faulkner resided for much of his life. Also, a city of 109,000, hometown of the band Radiohead, site of a 13th century diet on the Thames River, namesake of a mixed breed of sheep, and a popular men's lace up dress shoe. FTP, give the common name for these places, most notable for a famous 12th century English university.

Answer: Oxford

13. Substances which can form them tend to have elongated, rod-like molecules. Molecule centers can be distributed randomly, or can tend to lie in layers, in nematic and smectic phases, respectively. Unlike glasses, they are thermodynamically stable, and are characterized by a net orientation of molecules over large distances. FTP, what intermediate state of matter, highly sensitive to applied fields, is used in electronic displays such as calculators and digital watches?

Answer: liquid crystals

14. In March 2003, California representative Henry Waxman inquired into recent dealings between the Army Corps of Engineers and this company’s largest subsidiary, Kellogg, Brown & Root. Founded in 1919, it built the Johnson Space Center in Texas, and in 1947, developed the world's first offshore oil rig. Current Chairman Emeritus Robert Crandall, a former CEO of American Airlines accepted his position after the 2000 retirement of Dick Cheney. FTP, name this world's second largest oilfield contractor, recently contracted to rebuild Iraq’s oil industry.

Answer: Halliburton

15. Based on a popular work by Klabund, it premiered at Carlton College while its author was placed before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Natella, wife of the slain governor of Nuka, abandons her son Michael after Arsen Kazbeka stages a bloody coup. Grisha, a poor maid, finds and raises Michael, while in Act Two, Azdak the Persian gives the deposed Grand Duke refuge in the Rosa Luxembourg commune. The title location is then drawn by Azdak to settle the maternal fury over Michael. FTP, name this 1947 Bertold Brecht drama set on a collective farm in Soviet Georgia.

Answer: The Caucasian Chalk Circle

16. Beyond its outer molecular shell is a layer of Purkinje (pur-KEEN) fibers of granule cell axons arranged into an excitatory folia, aiding in overall circuitry to postural and vestibular centers. It has been implicated as the site where procedural memories are stored, and damage to it may result in ataxia, the inability to coordinate voluntary muscular movement. FTP, name this area of the brain located above the brain stem, responsible for coordination of smooth movements, whose name means “little brain.”

Answer: cerebellum

17. The first name called on July 11th was Jones, and 1200 names followed. Two days later, hordes of angry Irishmen marched down Broadway, attacking a colored orphanage on 5th Avenue and burning the targeted federal office. New York City mayor Fernando Wood, watched helplessly as the Irish armies destroyed $5 million worth of property before the 65th New York Regiment, fresh from Gettysburg restored order on July 17th, 1863. Featured in the film Gangs of New York, FTP, name this violent uprising in which 11 blacks were lynched in general protest against an unpopular legislation.

Answer: New York City Anti Draft Riots of 1863

18. A golden necklace crafted by Angelo is used as a foil for romance and ransom. Egeon's execution has been set for five o'clock by Duke Solinus, who demands one thousand marks bond for his release. Pinch is called upon to exorcise one of the main characters after his wife, Adriana accuses him of insanity resulting from a case of mistaken identity. The phrase ‘a drop of water’ is used throughout the play, symbolic of Antipholus of Syracuse’s search for his father, Egeon, and twin brother. FTP, name this Shakespeare comedy based on Plautus' Menaechmii, featuring the twin Dromeos, set in Ephesus.

Answer: The Comedy of Errors

19. This treatise was described by its author as “owing its origin to a conversation with a friend on the subject of the essay Avarice and Profusion.” A critical point highlights how the “profligate masses” are a drain upon the “preventative measures” of higher moral culture, thereby depriving the world of worthwhile enterprises such as art and literature and instituting “positive evils” such as plague and famine. Written as “remarks on the speculations of Mr. Godwin, M. Condorcet, and Other Writers”, FTP, name this 1798 work of social philosophy by Thomas Malthus.

Answer: An Essay on the Principle of Population

20. It is non-dissipative, but depends on the velocity. It dominates in geostrophic flow, and appears in the Ekman and Rossby numbers. The Buys-Ballots corollary states that if an observer stands with their back to the wind, low pressure will always lie to the left. It interacts with the Hadley circulation to produce the trade winds, and is stronger near the poles than at the equator. FTP, name this fictitious force by which projectiles appear to be deflected due to the rotation of the Earth.

Answer: Coriolis force (or Coriolis effect)


21. Celebrated by the poet Pentaur, it took place in the country of Zahi, where the armies of Kheta rested. Suteh’s division captured two emissaries of Muwatalli, whose charioteer army was encamped miles away, along the Orontes River. Amurran troops were not expected to join the Amen and Ptah divisions for a week, but when the Hittite armies ensnared the forces of Ramses II, reinforcements came through, and Egypt was enabled to sue for a binding peace with the Hittites. FTP, name this 13th century B.C. battle fought in Syria between the Hittite and Egyptian empires.

Answer: Battle of Kadesh

1. Mexican rulers, FTPE.

A. (10) This autocrat ruled Mexico for 35 years until he was forced into exile in 1911.

Answer: Portforio Diaz

B. (10) This man was elected president in 1911 after toppling Diaz but was shot in a coup in 1913.

Answer: Francisco Madero

C. (10) This man ruled after Madero was removed. However he never managed to quell the rebellion in Northern Mexico and was forced to resign in 1915.

Answer: Victoriano Huerta
2. Tell what physical quantities these integrations yield, FTPE.

A. (10) The integral of force with respect to time.

Answer: impulse

B. (10) The integral of the square of the distance from an axis times the differential of mass, or the “integral of r squared d m.”

Answer: moment of inertia (or rotational inertia)

C. (10) The integral of the magnetic field dotted with the area differential.

Answer: magnetic flux
3. Give the Arabic for the following terms from Islam, FTSNOP.

A. (5) For five points, what is the name given to the fifth pillar of Islam, the pilgrimage to Mecca?

Answer: hajj

B. (10) For ten points, what is the name of the spiritual beings created by God alongside of man? They can be good or bad, but are held accountable for their actions; the name comes from the Arabic for ‘hidden.’

Answer: djinn or jinni

C. (15) For fifteen points, give the term for Christians and Jews that came under Muslim protection. They were not typically forced into Muslim duties, but did have to pay a tribute.

Answer: dhimmi
4. Dawson's Creek characters, FTPE.

A. (10) This character lost her virginity in 2001. She slept with her boyfriend of nine months, Pacey.

Answer: Joey Potter

B. (10) Before dating Joey, Pacey had been dating this woman played by Meredith Monroe.

Answer: Andie McPhee

C. (10) This character, played by Michelle Williams, has moved to Boston where she attends Boston Bay College.

Answer: Jen Lindley
5. FTPE, answer these questions about works of English literature with two title characters.

A. (10) This sonnet sequence by Philip Sidney translates as “Star-lover and star”, and the first sonnet ends famously “’Fool,’ said my Muse to me, ‘look in thy heart and write.’”

Answer: Astrophil and Stella

B. (10) George Chapman completed this work by Christopher Marlowe about a nun vowed to chastity and Venus, and another character, a sexually-novice seducer.

Answer: Hero and Leander

C. (10) The Baron Bertilak is one of the two title characters. His head is chopped off by the other, an Arthurian knight, in the beginning of this work.

Answer: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
6. Answer the following about the PCR reaction, FTPE.

A. (10) What North Carolina born biologist invented PCR, reportedly while driving through the mountains with his girlfriend?

Answer: Kary Banks Mullis

B. (10) What enzyme is used in PCR, along with a primer, to amplify DNA samples?

Answer: DNA polymerase

C. (10) From what highly specialized bacteria that lives near thermal sea vents does the DNA polymerase often come, since heat will not denature the enzyme?

Answer: Thermus aquaticus (prompt on “Taq”)
7. Name the poet, 30-20-10.

A. (30) His essay collection The Prolific and the Devourer was written as he grew disillusioned with Marxism and moved towards Christianity in the 1940s.

B. (20) A master of light verse, he also was known for several plays and a libretto with Christopher Isherwood. His later poetry grew more cynical, as seen in The Song of the Devil and a more famous poem describing four people in a modern malaise.

C. (10) Some of his most well-known poems include The Age of Anxiety, The Shield of Achilles, and The Unknown Citizen.

Answer: Wystan Hugh Auden
8. U.S. state from counties, FTPE.

A. (10) Breckinridge, Hardinsburg, and Crittenden

Answer: Kentucky

B. (10) Maricopa, La Paz, and Yavapai

Answer: Arizona

C. (10) Bolivar, Yazoo, Sunflower

Answer: Mississippi
9. Name the man, 30-20-10.

A. (30) He entered the West Virginia prison system in April 1918 as convict 9653; soon thereafter he was shipped to a federal penitentiary in Atlanta before his release.

B. (20) A compilation of his writings and speeches, Walls and Bars was published posthumously in 1927, including a speech given from the ‘Red Special’ train.

C. (10) Editor of Locomotive Firemen's Magazine, founder of the American Railway Union, and leader of the Pullman Strike, he received 3.5% of the national vote while imprisoned in 1920.

Answer: Eugene V. Debs
10. Given the definition, identify the concept coined from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, FTPE. You may give either the Greek or the common English translation.

A. (10) This intellectual or ethical habit is an acquired state of character that is learned by performing good actions.

Answer: arete (or virtue)

B. (10) This is the virtuous activity of the soul throughout one’s life, but it also demands the presence of external goods like luck or friends. Aristotle believes that it is the highest good for all humans. It involves living well and doing well.

Answer: eudaimonia (or happiness)

C. (10) This is a state of character that involves a moral softness. One knows how he should behave or what he ought to do, but is conflicted and gives into vice. Aristotle says that this state cannot exist at the level of the virtuous, but that it exists in lower states of character.

Answer: akrasia (or incontinence)
11. Director from movies, FTPE.

A. (10) You Can’t Take it With You, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Answer: Frank Capra

B. (10) Intolerance, America

Answer: D.W. Griffith

C. (10) Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby

Answer: Roman Polanski
12. Name these stars in the night sky, FTPE.

A. (10) This star is an extrinsic variable star, said to be the witch’s eye blinking at you. Known as “Beta Persei”, its name in Arabic means “The Demon's Head.”

Answer: Algol

B. (10) This star is technically known as Alpha Scorpius, but gained its name for its red color and a supposed rivalry.

Answer: Antares

C. (10) This star, the westernmost star of Orion's Belt, is notable for having a declination of 00.21’ (read 21 seconds), making it the closest bright star to the celestial equator.

Answer: Mintaka
13. Name the writers from a Simpsons clue, FTP, or five if you need a famous work.

A. (10) At a discussion forum about reading, Lisa compliments this author’s use of the mother-daughter bond in one of her most famous works. The author, in turn, reproaches Lisa for missing the point, saying, “Please sit down. I'm embarrassed for the both of us.”

(5) Incidentally, this work is The Joy Luck Club.

Answer: Amy Tan

B. (10). Lisa at one time has considered this author to be one of her only friends. But, as she points out, “He's kissed more boys than I ever will.”

(5) Burr and Myra Breckinridge

Answer: Gore Vidal

C. (10) Homer was referring to this author when he went to the prehistoric ages with a time-traveling toaster and exclaimed, “I'm the first non-Brazilian to travel through time!”

(5) The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Answer: Carlos Castaneda

14. Answer these questions about Caravaggio, FTPE.

A. (10) This scene shows Christ, recognizable by a faint halo, holding his hand in a manner reminiscent of Michelangelo’s Adam. He is pointing at the tax collector Levi, soon to be known by another name.

Answer: Calling of Saint Matthew

B. (10) Mary Magdalene is throwing her hands up in agony as others are lowering the body of Christ onto what looks like an altar, slyly underscoring the Catholic belief in transubstantiation.

Answer: Entombment

C. (10) This word, from the Latin for “shadowy” or “dark”, refers to Caravaggio’s stark, dramatic use of light and dark that characterized most of his work.

Answer: tenebrism (or tenebroso)
15. Answer the following questions about cells involved in immune response, FTSNOP.

A. (5,5) For five points apiece, into what two categories are T cells grouped, one for CD8+ T cells and one for CD4+.

Answer: helper and killer (accept: cytotoxic)

B. (10) For ten points, what is the name given to the specific type of terminally differentiated B cell that secretes antibodies?

Answer: plasma cell

C. (10) For ten points, what cells, though distinct from cytotoxic T cells, nevertheless work similarly to control viral infection by releasing lytic granules. They typically respond to low amounts of MHC molecules on a cell’s surface.

Answer: natural killer cells
16. Name the psychologist, FTPE.

A. (10) He is most famous for his 8-stage model of human development, extending and improving upon the ideas of Freud to address the conflicts adults face.

Answer: Erik Erikson

B. (10) Breaking with Freud in 1911, he is most famous for his idea of the “inferiority complex.”

Answer: Alfred Adler

C. (10) This child psychologist’s “strange situation” characterized children’s levels of attachment to their mothers.

Answer: Mary Ainsworth
17. Answer the following questions about Roman emperors, FTPE.

A. (10) This man slept through one of Nero's poems, which made it surprising that he was selected to crush the Jewish revolt in 66 AD before starting the Flavian dynasty.

Answer: Titus Flavius Vespasianus

B. (10) Raised as a Christian, by the time he reached the throne in 360 AD he was a pagan. He died in battle against the Persians in 363 AD.

Answer: Julian the Apostate

C. (10) After Commodus was killed there was a period of Civil War. This man became the next accepted emperor, ruling from 193-208 AD, followed by his sons Caracalla and Geta.

Answer: Septimus Severus (or Septimius Severus)
18. Thomas Mann works, FTSNOP.

A. (5) For five points, in this work, Johann, the patriarch of a wealthy family, witnesses the decline of his progeny, Christian, Thomas, Toni, and grandson Hanno, who dies of typhoid at the age of fifteen.

Answer: Buddenbrooks

B. (10) FTP, in this short story, a German family is forced out of an Italian hotel for allowing their child to frolic naked on a beach. Before leaving the hotel, the family attends a show in which a hypnotist is murdered by one of his patients, a young Italian waiter.

Answer: Mario and the Magician

C. (15) For fifteen points, this novel is narrated by Serenus Zeitblom, and tells of composer Adrian Leverkühn, whose tragic career parallels the horrific spiritual evil of the Nazi regime, and its ultimate destruction. Leverkühn’s music remains as a monument to his raging desire to achieve the sublime.

Answer Doktor Faustus
19. Answer the following questions about the modern medical tragedy of receding hairlines, FTPE.

A. (10) Dr. Lars Engstrand coined what three-word medical term for the problem?

Answer: Male Pattern Baldness

B. (10) Current theories hold that genetically predisposed changes in the chemical makeup of follicles result in the production of an enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, creating this substance, which retards natural hair growth.

Answer: DHT (or dihydrotestosterone)

C. (10) The hair cycle is divided into three parts, during which the effects of DHT release break down the natural production of keratin, producing dead vellus hair. Name any part.

Answer: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen
20. Answer these questions about river deltas in Mozambique, ten points apiece.

A. (10) This river forms the northernmost of the major river deltas. It is the 4th longest river in Africa.

Answer: Zambezi River

B. (10) This river is the southernmost of the major deltas in Mozambique. It also forms the boundary between South Africa and Botswana.

Answer: Limpopo River

C. (10) This is the third major river delta in Mozambique. It starts in Zimbabwe.

Answer: Save River

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