Brenner grants

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May 09 $26,214.15 requested, $9,595.00 dispursed

Peacock John People-to-people delegation in China $1370.00

Plattner Phyllis Send work to italy for a semester long show at SAC $945.00

Hollander/Cottis Finding our wings community based video arts program $1250.00

Hirsh Jennie Modernist Magazine Conference and Research guest speaker. Panelist $1470.00

Lasserre Fabienne "Welding for sculpture" course and membership at 3rd Ward $950.00

Koch Phillip Support for traveling museum exhibition-shipping $1170.00

Garrigues Susanne Delivering a paper in NM re:Land Art $1270.00

Hassinger Maren "Healing Walls"-creation of wall paper $1170.00

FEB 2010 $47,516.35 requested, $9,961.00 dispursed.

Wallace, Jennifer Travel to Japan for ecological / urban health research $634.00

Couwenberg ,Annet Clothing as Interface :East of West, West of East. Interactive installation $300.00

Maya/Rouvelle Exhibition in NYC $500.00

Watson,Joan Digital Archive as Resource/collaborate authoring website project $534.00

Hirsh,Jennie Research and travel for two projects, a contracted essay book project $638.00

Peacock, John Dakota storytelling $485.00

Larson, Nate Fotofest meeting place portfolio review participant $290.00

Nemett, Barry Painting & Poetry in Brittany France $634.00

Neill, Christine Cost to attend a digital workshop at the Star Island Arts Conference $200.00

Smith, Tai Attend "Scholars Day" at MOMA on occasion of Bauhaus workshops $208.00

Karnes, Mark Travel expenses to Brittany France painting $634.00

Farber, Dennis Building 5 albums in 3D model & video animation $534.00

Shepard,Piper Assistance with delivery and installation of exhibition $394.00

Sumstrum, Pamela Animation series for multi-media performance work $534.00

Lasserre ,Fabienne Shipping of work and travel for show in Chile $740.00

Orr, Alan Monograph research $634.00

Cheon, Mina Presenting papers at the AAUP conference $450.00

Hollander/Cottis Finding our Wings documentary program serving teen girls in baltimore $734.00

Plattner, Phyllis Funding for materials to do several paintings larger than current work $250.00

Linn, Warren Painting in Brittany France $634.00

MAY 2010 $37,071.10 requested, $10,499.50 dispursed.

BASILE, JOSEPH Research Iron age collections in rome $500.00

STOJMIROVIC, Z Presentation of LINKED at AIGA conference $500.00

DELUISE,REGINA VAST-volunteer artists on Thimpu-teaching photography $600.00

GARMEY,STEPHANIE Workshop called "cross pollination:monoprints and encaustics" $600.00

ALEXANDER, PAT Artists residency in turkey $813.00

NEILL, CHRISTINE painting project in collaboration with First floor Graphics $450.00

PLATNER ,PHYLLIS To purchase a new easel and gold leaf for ongoing painting project $500.00

PEACOCK ,JOHN To participate in an NEH summer institute $428.00

AMOUR,MONICA Visit to Calder foundation for research $173.30

LAPERIERE ,M To attend anderson ranch for a workshop $934.80

EAST, DAVID Production of self published catalogue of recent work $500.00

COTTIS,JANE Finding our Wings documentary program/ teen girls in east baltimore $972.00

SALAZAR ,ROBERT Travel to italy to complete project and show/exhibit $500.00

ARCADIAS ,L Making of a 10mm stop motion animation film during sabbatical $900.00

SHERMAN,W Artist residency at Cosmo China in bloomsbury, london UK- $590.00

O'MEARA,KATIE Travel to Mumbai/ quarry project redevelopment in urgent need $730.00

HIRSH, JENNIE Final editing of book project" Contemporary Art and Classical Myth $808.40

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