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English 101/Section 0804 Fall 2015 Prof. Narizhnaya


The City University of New York

Department of English

Section 0804, Fall 2015

Monday, Wednesday 8:00 – 9:40

Main Building S722

4 Credits/4 Hours
Prof. Khristina Narizhnaya

Office: N761 (Main Bldng., 199 Chambers St.)

Office Hours: Weds. 11:00 - 12:00 and by appointment.

Mailbox in N751 (English Department)


Class Website:

Course Description

Welcome to the class! This course will introduce you to academic writing; by its conclusion, you will be ready for English 201 and for writing in advanced courses across the curriculum. You will master the fundamentals of college-level reading and writing. You will practice the habits necessary for success in college and in the larger world: summarizing, classifying, comparing, and analyzing. This semester’s course is broadly organized around the themes of self-reliance and the relationship between the individual and society. Through reading and analyzing texts that relate to our course theme, you will improve your abilities for critical thinking. You will become a competent and confident reader and writer and view reading and writing as acts of self-discovery.

  • Score of 56 or higher on CATW

Required Texts and Materials

  • Course Handouts will be provided to you and/or made available on the class website.

  • You should have a folder or folders for storing course handouts and course work.

  • You may need a college level dictionary to bring with you to the final exam and practice exam.

Course Learning Outcomes (After successfully completing this course, you can expect to be able to…)

Measurements (means of assessment for learning outcomes listed in first column)

1. Organize, develop, and revise thesis-driven essays that include substantial support and use a variety of rhetorical strategies.

1. 2 out-of-class essays, 1 in-class essay, departmental final examination.

2. Summarize, paraphrase, and quote from readings.

2. Graded essays, out-of-class and in-class writing exercises, departmental final examination.

3. Critically analyze numerous readings.

3. Out-of-class and in-class writing exercises, class discussion of readings, graded essays, departmental final examination.

4. Demonstrate a command of edited American English, using vocabulary and syntax appropriate to college-level work.

4. Graded essays, departmental final examination.

5. Demonstrate a command of the MLA conventions of citation and documentation.

5. Out-of-class graded essays, departmental final examination.

Below are the college’s general education goals that students who successfully complete this course can expect to have achieved:

General Education Learning Outcomes

Measurements (means of assessment for general education goals listed in first column)

Communication Skills- Students will be able to write, read, listen and speak critically and effectively.

Class discussion of readings, graded essays, departmental final examination.

Arts & Humanities – Students will be able to develop knowledge and understanding of the arts and literature through critiques of works of art, music, theatre or literature.

Class discussion of readings, graded essays, departmental final examination.

Values- Students will be able to make informed choices based on an understanding of personal values, human diversity, multicultural awareness and social responsibility.

Graded essays in response to course theme of ethics, education, and empowerment.

Course Requirements

  • 2 out-of-class essays (graded as drafts and upon revision) and 1 in-class practice essay for the final exam.

  • Informal writing exercises (summary, response) to accompany reading assignments.

  • In-class writing including group work.

  • Active participation in class discussions: Your ideas matter!

  • Departmental Final Exam that requires you to compose, draft and edit a thesis-centered essay of at least 500 words.

Course Policies

  • Attendance and Punctuality: You are expected to attend class regularly and on time. More than 4 absences could result in the lowering of your grade or failing the course.

  • You are responsible for any work assigned during an absence. If you miss class, you may contact me via email or ask another student what you have missed.

  • You must be professional, attentive, and courteous in class.

  • Try not to leave the room during class.

  • Turn off cell phones and electronic equipment. Remove headphones before entering class.

  • No recording devices allowed.

  • Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities. Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments for this course must contact the Office of Accessibility. BMCC is committed to providing equal access to all programs and curricula to all students.

  • BMCC Policy on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Statement. Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s ideas, words or artistic, scientific or technical work as one’s own creation. Using the idea or work of another is permissible only when the original author is identified. Paraphrasing and summarizing, as well as direct quotations, require citations to the original source. Plagiarism may be intentional or unintentional. Lack of dishonest intent does not necessarily absolve a student of responsibility for plagiarism. Students who are unsure how and when to provide documentation are advised to consult with their instructors. The library has guides designed to help students to appropriately identify a cited work. The full policy can be found on BMCC’s web site,


  • Essays 36%

  • Informal Writing/Quizzes/Homework 24%

  • Attendance and Class Participation 20%

  • Departmental Final Exam 20%

Essay grade:

  • Rough draft 40%

  • Peer Edit/Review 20%

  • Final Draft 40%

How to hand in essays:

  • Print out and bring your draft to class the day of peer review

  • Email your draft to me in Word format before class the day it is due

Progress report:

  • Halfway through the semester I will hold brief one-one conferences during class

**The final semester grade is calculated by combining your overall class grade (essays, informal writing, attendance and class participation) with the final exam grade at a ratio of 80/20.

Tentative Schedule of Readings, Assignments, and Class Work (subject to change):
Mon. Aug. 31: Introduction to class; In-class writing assignment

Weds. Sept. 2: Walker Percy: “The Loss of the Creature” (handout)

Mon. Sept. 7: NO CLASS

Weds. Sept. 9: Percy continued; In-class writing assignment

Mon. Sept. 14: NO CLASS

Weds. Sept. 16: Writing, Strategies, Opening Paragraphs Essay 1 Assigned

Mon. Sept. 21: Essay Components: Conclusions. Essay 1 rough draft peer review.

Weds. Sept. 23: NO CLASS

Mon. Sept. 28: Grammar Review: Subject/Verb Agreement. Essay 1 rough draft due.

Weds. Sept. 30: John Berger Ways of Seeing; In-class writing assignment.

Mon. Oct. 5: Grammar Review: Avoiding Run-On’s, Comma Splices, and Sentence Fragments Essay 1 final draft due.

Weds. Oct. 7: Grammar Review: Possession. Essay 2 Assigned.

Mon. Oct. 12: NO CLASS

Weds. Oct. 14: Library Instruction.

Mon. Oct. 19: Essay Components: Citation. Essay 2 sources review: TBA

Weds. Oct. 21: Essay 2 research/rough draft (in class).

Mon. Oct. 26: Annie Dillard “Seeing” Departmental Final Exam Reading

Weds. Oct. 28: Presidential Debates discussion; In-class writing assignment.

Mon. Nov. 2: Bharati Mukherjee “Two Ways to Belong in America” (handout)

Weds. Nov. 4: Mukherjee continued; Handout on immigration debate: TBA; In-class writing assignment

Mon. Nov. 9: Essay 2 rough draft peer review

Weds. Nov. 11: Brent Staples “Just Walk on By” (handout) Essay 2 rough draft due.

Mon. Nov. 16: Staples continued; Conor Friedersdorf “A Conversation about Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders” (handout)

Weds. Nov. 18: Staples/Friedersdorf continued Essay 2 final draft due

Mon. Nov. 23: David Foster Wallace “This is Water” Departmental Final Exam Reading

Weds. Nov. 25: Wallace Continued

Mon. Nov. 30: Essay 3: In-Class Practice Essay for Final Exam

Weds. Dec. 2: Prepare for Final, TBA

Mon. Dec. 7: Prepare for Final, TBA

Weds. Dec. 9: Prepare for Final, TBA


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