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Recommended Reading and Web Reference Material on Climate change

Boehmer-Christiansen, S. & Kellow, A. 2002 International Environmental Policy. Interests and the Failure of the Kyoto Protocol. Edward Elgar, 214 pp. (ISBN 1 84064818 X).

The definitive history and reference on the Kyoto Protocol: a great source of detailed information.

Burroughs, W. (ed.) 2003 Climate into the 21st Century. World Meteorological Organisation & Cambridge Univ. Press, 240 pp.

An excellent, well-illustrated, well-organized and generally well-balanced introduction to the major elements of meteorology and climate change.

Crichton, M. 2004 State of Fear. HarperCollins, New York (ISBN 0-06-621413-0)
A good read, if you enjoy this type of fiction. Along the way you will be introduced to a new genre of fiction writing, with interwoven references and brief narrative explanations of the controversial science topic that forms the background to the story - climate change. If you take the trouble to follow them up, these references will provide an excellent introduction to some of the major disputes in climate change science.
Essex, C. & McKitrick, R. 2002 Taken by Storm. The Troubled Science, Policy and Politics of Global Warming. Key Porter paperback (ISBN 1 55263 212 1, available from Amazon CANADA).

Written in an idiosyncratically folksy style, this book is nonetheless a fascinating and creative critical analysis of much current climate-change propaganda.

Gerhard, L.C. et al. 2001 Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change. American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Studies in Geology #47 (ISBN 0 89181 053 6, available from AAPG website).

Though technical in style, all the papers in this volume are clearly written, well illustrated and easy to read. Probably the best single collection of papers on major climate change issues.

Gray, V. 2002 The Greenhouse Delusion A Critique of "Climate Change 2001". Multi-Science Publish. (ISBN 0 906522 14 5, pp. 95, £11.50)

A cogent critique of many of the limitations in the IPCC’s Third Assessment Report.

Houghton, J.T. et al. 2001 Climate Change 2001: the Scientific Basis. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, Working Group 3, Third Assessment Report (3AR), Cambridge University Press, 881 pp.

Highly technical, but provides detailed and well-referenced information on all the major aspects of climate change. Readers should be aware, however, that natural climate change and geological knowledge is greatly underestimated in 3AR, and the accuracy and usefulness of deterministic computer models is greatly overstated. (The companion volume “Summary for Policymakers” is not recommended; it is more a political than a scientific statement).

Kellow, A. 2007 Science and Public Policy. The Virtuous Corruption of Virtual Environmental Science. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, U.K. (ISBN 978 1 84720 470 7 pp. vii + 217). A fascinating sociological analysis of, as one reviewer put it, “the hijacking of science by people grinding axes on behalf of noble causes”.

Kininmonth, W. 2004 Climate Change: A Natural Hazard. Multi-Science Publish. (ISBN 0 906522 26 9, pp. viii + 208, £39).

A technical but highly original discussion of the climate change problem from first principles. Delineates particularly well the weaknesses in the IPCC approach, which involves an overemphasis on radiative physics and an underemphasis on the atmospheric and oceanographic processes that control equator to pole heat flow.

Labohm, H., Rozendaal, S & Thoenes, D. 2004 Man-Made Global Warming: Unravelling a Dogma. Multi-Science Publishing, 192 pp. (ISBN 0 906522 25 0)

An easy-to-read account of the major political and scientific aspects of the global warming problem, seen especially from a European perspective.

Michaels, P. J. 2004 Meltdown. The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media Cato Institute, 208 pp. (ISBN: 1-930865-59-7)

Michaels, P. J. (ed.), 2005. Shattered Consensus: The True State of Global Warming. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Oxford, 292pp.

Both of these two books are easy to read, up to date, and provide an excellent introduction to the problems and pitfalls of the climate change debate. The first is written entirely by Michaels, one of the doyens of the climate sceptics, and is comparable to Labohm’s book though from a mainly US perspective. The second has individual chapters written by experts in each field.

Philander, S.G. 1998 Is the Temperature Rising - The Uncertain Science of Global Warming. Princeton University Press, 262 pp. (ISBN0-691-05775-3).

Technical and a little dry, but a very well written and comprehensive introduction to the science of meteorology and its application to understanding the global warming problem.
Ruddiman, W.F. 2001 Earth's Climate, Past & Future. Freeman & Company, New York, 465 pp.

A comprehensive text which covers well climate change across the board. An excellent reference, with careful, accurate, well-illustrated and well-balanced explanations of most climate topics.

Climate change websites

(Note: this list does not include the major public database and reference sites on climate such as NASA, NOAA, CRU etc., which are widely known and easily found through web search engines. Rather, this list comprises less obvious and mostly more independent and critical sources of information and comment on climate change). (considered contrarian viewpoints) (Prof. Francis Massen, Meterology Lab., Luxembourg; a great source of agnostic material on climate change) (analysis and comment on climate-related issues) (climate over the last 10,000 years) (PAGES - past global climate changes) (considered contrarian viewpoints) (Doug Hoyt’s critical analyses) (analysis and comment on climate-related issues) (discussion and links on greenhouse) (critical analysis of the "hockey-stick" graph) (environmental analyses) (summary of Milankovitch theory) (John Zillman World Climate address) (Australian Bureau of Meteorology site; much high quality climate data) (John Brignell on the unsound use of public statistics; a sceptic’s delight) (John McLean, analysis and links on global warming) (essay, Jack Hollander) (critical analysis of climate, but be aware that this is a "sceptics" site). (good discussion and information, but be aware that this is a pro-GW site) (views on climate change by 6 Australians (Roger Pielke Snr. on climate issues) (Cooler Heads Coalition, insightful commentary)

Online or independent audio/video (documentary by Canadian scientists).
The Greenhouse Conspiracy (documentary program, Channel 4 TV, UK, 1990).

An outstanding documentary. Though made in 1990, it remains just as true as if it had been made yesterday. Highly recommended if you can get hold of a copy.

Professor R.M. Carter (June 7, 2006)

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