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Manuscript sources

Deakin papers, National Library of Australia, MS 1540, series 2 (diaries) and series 7 (articles written for the London Morning Post)

Patrick McMahon Glynn, Diaries, National Library of Australia, MS 4653, series 3, Volumes 4-6 covering 1892-1910

Sir Josiah Symon, papers, National Library of Australia, MS 1736, series 10 and 11

Malcolm Shepherd, Memoirs, National Archives of Australia, CRS A1632

Free Trade League of New South Wales, Minute book, September 1908 to November 1909, Mitchell Library, B1393

Contemporary serials

The Age, Melbourne, December 1906, and individual issues as appropriate

Australasian Insurance and Banking Record, 1905-9

Australian Economist, 1892-8

Australian Mining Standard, 1905-9

The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, December 1906, and individual issues as appropriate

Official Year Book of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1908-1912

Official reports of Australian Labor Party commonwealth conferences, 1905-19

Sydney Morning Herald, December 1906, and individual issues as appropriate

Year Book of Australia, The Year Book Of Australia and Publishing Co Ltd, Sydney and Melbourne, 1901-1907

Contemporary books and articles

Cyclopedia of N.S.W.: An Historical and Commercial Review, Sydney, 1907

Free Trade and Tariff Reform: The Fiscal Position in Australia, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, nd (1903)

Coghlan, TA, Statistical Account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia, 1901-1902, Sydney, 1902

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Deakin, Alfred, Federal Politics. The Liberal Party and its Liberal Programme. Speech of the Prime Minister (The Hon. A. Deakin, M.P.) at Adelaide, March 29th, 1906, Adelaide, 1906

Deakin, Alfred, Presessional Speech of Mr Alfred Deakin, M.P. to his constituents at The Alfred Hall, Ballarat, 24th June, 1905, Melbourne, 1905

Deakin, Alfred, Federal Situation: Mr. Deakin on Mr. Reid: From "The Age," Thursday, 13th July, 1905, Melbourne, 1905

Deakin, Alfred, Why Mr. Reid went out. Reply by the Prime Minister The Honorable Alfred Deakin in the House of Representatives, 1st August, 1905. The Future Australian Policy, Commonwealth of Australia, Melbourne, 1905

Deakin, Alfred, Protection and Practical Legislation or Anti-Socialism: Speech by the Federal Prime Minister at Ballarat, March 24th, 1906, Ballarat, 1906

Gizen-no-Teki (Edward William Foxall), Colorphobia: An exposure of the "White Australia" fallacy, RT Kelly, Sydney, 1903

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Glynn, P. McM, Imperial Preference, Adelaide, 1923

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Jacobs, SJ, Preferential Trade: Address delivered by S. J. Jacobs. President of the General Council of the Chambers of Commerce of the Commonwealth of Australia, at a meeting of the Australian Natives' Association held at Adelaide, South Australia, on Monday 30th November, 1903, Adelaide, 1903

Johns, Fred, Johns's Notable Australians and Who is Who in Australasia: A dictionary of biography containing records of the careers of men and women of distinction in the Commonwealth of Australia and the Dominion of New Zealand, Fred Johns, Adelaide, 1908

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Reid, GH, Protection or Free Trade? Speech in Favour of Free Trade: delivered at a Public Discussion with David Buchanan, Esq., M.P. in the Masonic Hall, Sydney, on 27th February, 1880, Sydney, 1880

Reid, GH, Five Free Trade Essays: Inscribed to the Electors of Victoria, Gordon and Gotch, Melbourne, 1875

Reid, GH, My Reminiscences, Cassell & Co, London, 1917

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Later books and articles

Australian Dictionary of Biography, Melbourne University Press, 1966-, various volumes

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Unpublished theses

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