Bhim and hanuman

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NCPA Summer Fiesta Plays

Children’s Theatre Festival

Saturday, 9th May to Sunday, 31st May 2015


Puppet Play (50 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Saturday, 9th - 4.00 pm 

Bhim, passing through the forest, tells a frail, old monkey lying across the path to move. Pleading age, the monkey asks Bhim to move his tail aside and pass. Bhim is unable to do so ... for the monkey is none other than Hanuman!
Suggested age: 4 +
Writer, Director& Puppets by Meena Naik

Cast: Vikram Patil, Sanket Gurav, Chinmay Jadhav, Harshada More, Priyanka Kotwal & Rajkumar

A Kalsootri Production


English Play (80 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Saturday, 9th – 6.30 pm

Rapunzel is a daughter of a peasant who is gifted with a magical long blond hair. A Witch named Gothel steals Rapunzel from her parents and locks her in a tower without any stairs or door.  She brings her up like her own child and Rapunzel believes she is her mother. Rapunzel feels lonely and wishes to be free but the fear of outside world created by Gothel makes her confined only to the walls of the towers until one day a prince finds her and, falls in love.
Suggested age: 4 +

Written & Directed by Rashmi Sharma

Cast: Jyoti Somaya, Reshma Kotian, Eshaan Sharma, Sadiq Abbas Rizvi & others
A Progressive Theatre Group Production

Gujarati and English Play (120 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Sunday, 10th - 4.00 pm 

Pai is a coin of the smallest denomination, which represents wealth in this two- act play. Teenagers feel that their parents don't give them enough money, so they try to earn in a various innovative ways but don't meet with success. At last they realise what effort their parents must have put up to create a comfortable home and they are grateful for it.
Suggested age: 6 +
Written by Dhiruben Patel

Directed by Manoj Shah

An Ideas Unlimited Production


English Play (70 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Sunday, 10th - 6.30 pm

The story of a spoilt and defiant girl Elizabeth Allen who gets furious when her parents decide to send her away to boarding-school. She makes up her mind to be thoroughly rude and disobedient, determined to be expelled by half-term. Despite her best efforts to hate everything, a series of incidents makes Elizabeth realize her folly and she begins to behave and enjoy life at the boarding-school.
Suggested age: 8+
Based on a story by Enid Blyton

Adapted by Bianca Nazareth-Arya, Nandan Majumdar & Onkar Ghare

Directed by Vikash Khurana

Cast: Arushi Thapar, Anviti Suri, Jahanvi Yashroy, Gayatri Chanchani, Amol Wakhare & Others

A Stagecraft Theatre (Nagpur) Production

Hindustani Play (90 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Saturday, 16th – 4.00 pm 
Gulabo aur Parizaad is a story about a little mouse and an elf. The play is based on two stories by Begum Qudsia Zaidi, published in the 1950s. It is an enchanting story about a mouse who finds an elf in a balloon. The elf shares his stories from across the universe and takes Gulabo on a wonderful, magical journey.
Suggested age: 4 +
Based on a story by Begum Qudsia Zaidi

Adapted & Directed by Shaili Sathyu

A Gillo Theatre Repertory production

English and Hindi Play (80 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Saturday, 16th – 6.30 pm

All Akash wanted was to go to school and learn mathematics. He worshipped Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, and wanted only to follow her path. But life had other plans from him. And so began his great adventure, taking him from Rajasthan to New Delhi, filled with daring escapes, good and not-so-good friends, dangerous enemies, police chases, song and dance, and of course, maths. 

Suggested age: 7 +       


Based on the novel by Monika Schroder

Adapted & Directed by Akarsh Khurana

Cast: Priyanshu Painyuli, Amol Parashar, Chaitnya Sharma, Pratyush Singh, Himanshu Sitlani & others

An Akvarious Production

Hindi and English Play (100 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Sunday, 17th – 4.00 pm 

Chulbul Pandey, the protagonist is a young boy of 12. Addicted to gadgets, surrounded by social media and technology, lazy but over confident, he thinks he is a genius. But when it comes to studies, he expects miracles or magic to rescue him. Does it actually happen in Chulbul’s life?
Suggested age: 6+
Written & Directed by Om Katare

Cast: Sonam Singh, Rakesh Ranjan, Keya Gupta, Kritiksha Sharma, Shaan Shrivastava & Others

A Yatri Production


Hindustani Play (90 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Sunday, 17th – 6.30 pm

Work is on in full swing at the Royal Peacock Garden to install a 'Wondrous Cage' that will house forty talking hill mynas. Soon, the cage and its lively, twittering occupants are entrusted to Kale Khan’s care. But his little daughter has long been asking him for a hill myna. Will Kale Khan be tempted to take away one of the birds? What lies in store for him ... and the beautiful historic city of Lucknow? The play is a poignant tale of a father’s love for his daughter.
Suggested age: 7 +
Based on a story by Naiyer Masud

Written & Directed by Atul Tiwari

Cast: Vighnesh Sinkar, Manoj Karki, Devina Medda, Hetal Varia & others


A Gillo Theatre Repertory production


English and Hindi Play (90 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Saturday, 23rd – 4.00 pm 

A live theatrical performance about a group of tweens on their journey through adolescence. As the characters wrestle with the question, “Am I normal?” they learn to cope with the changes affecting their bodies and minds. The play shows children how to cope with many of the issues of puberty – embarrassing physical changes, raging hormones, the emotional trampoline, behavioural angst, changed relationship with parents, and also briefly touches upon the okay and not okay touch.
Suggested age: 8+
Conceptualized by Anju Kishinchandani

Written by Trishla Patel & Shashank VishnuDutt

Directed by Trishla Patel

Cast: Karan Desai, Hitesh Malukani, Nikhil Desai, Prashant Amlani, Mallika Singh & others

An Anju Kish Productions

Hindi and English Play (100 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Saturday, 23rd – 6.30 pm
James Henry Trotter's parents were eaten up by a rhinoceros, because of which he lives with his two repulsive aunts. One hot day, something peculiar happens and an enormous peach grows in their garden. Soon, James and the giant peach are rolling away from his horrible aunts, towards a marvellous and wonderful place. On the way, making interesting encounters with the various characters and insects that live inside the peach!

Suggested age: 4+

Based on the novel by Roald Dahl

Adapted by Saurabh Nayyar, Gagan Riar and Dhruv Lohimi 

Directed by Gagan Dev Riar

Cast: Daniel D’Souza/ Sukant Goel, Pawan Uttam, Shivani Tanksale/ Avantika ganguli, Neha singh & others

A Rangbaaz Production 

English Play (75 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Sunday, 24th– 4.00 pm

The Akbar Birbal association has created a lot of delightful stories over the ages. They have been told by great-great grandparents to great grandparents to grandparents to parents. And this play will bring forth those stories to our kids told in the most entertaining and fresh manner.
Suggested age: 5+
Adapted & Directed by Rohit Tiwari

A Theatrewaalas Production

Hindustani Play (70 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Sunday, 24th – 6.30 pm

If you can’t reign in a Lion or a Nuclear Bomb, it is better not to create it, is the message that the show deduces from Panchatantra stories. From ancient times, the Panchatantra tales have regaled children and adults alike with a moral at the end of every story. The present series is based on the Sanskrit original. A king, worried that his three sons are without the wisdom to live in a world of wile and guile, asks a learned man called Vishnu Sharman to teach them the ways of the world. Since his wards are dimwits, Vishnu Sharman decides to pass on wisdom to them in the form of stories.
Suggested age: 6+
Scripted by Gulzar

Directed by Salim Arif

Cast: Sagar Wahi, Zoa Morani, Mimoh,Priyank & others 
An Essay Communications Production

English Play (50 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Friday, 29th – 6.30 pm

The play explores how gender is constructed and reinforced in real and virtual public spaces. Cyber space becomes a new public space in which gender plays itself out: Why does Nikhil play an online game as a female avatar? Why does Tanya create an anonymous Facebook profile and what does she do with it? What happens when Sachin’s fighting video goes viral? The play looks at the collisions of real and virtual spaces and the drama that unfolds. The absurd, funny and sometimes painful episodes connect through hyperlinks to a fast-paced ride into the violence of gender construction in teenage years.  To see Keep Calm and #ashtag children must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for the duration of the play.
Strictly for 14+ : The content of the play addresses sensitive and real issues of teenagers about gender construction and how it is played out in public and private spaces.
Directed by Rituparna Bhattacharya & Shabari Rao

Performed by Ajitesh Gupta, Tanvee Ravi, Neha Singh & Vikrant Dhote

A Theatre Professionals Production

English Play (75 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Saturday, 30th – 4.00 pm 

Peggy Pane is the story of a naughty handmade rag doll in a toy nursery. The little girl’s grandma makes her a new doll called Peggy Pane. The moment Peggy enters the toy nursery she starts creating havoc for the other toys by pulling tricks at them, scaring them, and troubling them. The toys keep trying to tell Peggy to stop and also try to teach her a lesson. But will Peggy ever listen and turn a new leaf?
Suggested age: 4+
Inspired by Amelia Jane series of Enid Blyton

Written & Directed by Rohit Tiwari

Cast: Prashant Kumar, Kaustubh Kumar, Srishti Wadhwani, Shivam Sood, Devyani Dagaonkar & others
A Theatrewaalas Production

Hindi Play (100 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Saturday, 30th – 6.30 pm

Imagine a world without adults. Sounds fun, doesn't it? No school, no homework, no rules and no punishments. A place where you could do whatever you felt like. A bunch of school kids get stuck on a deserted island. There are no adults to guide them or set rules. What will they do? Will they survive? Will they manage to get rescued?
Suggested age: 8+
Adapted & Directed by Ajitesh Gupta and Neha Singh

Cast: Akshay Anand Kohli, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Deep Bhimajiyani, Dhruv Lohumi, Kaivan Mehta & others

An aRANYA Theatre Production

English and Gibberish Play (50 mins)

Godrej Dance Theatre

Sunday, 31st - 4.00 pm 

In the world of modernization and development, somewhere Clown Popo and The Frog King has lost their homes. They are left alone with the only choice to accept the urban life. While dealing with the dilemma, they have settled in a temporary hammock. Will they ever get a new home? Or will they be on a continuous expedition as vagabonds? Or will the Urban Hand who is responsible for the urbanization trick them again?
Suggested age: 6+
Written & Directed by Rupesh Tillu

Performed by Rupesh Tillu & Deepal Doshi

A Theatreact and Madball & Co. Production

Object Theatre and Movement performance (70 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Sunday, 31st – 6.30 pm

    An ordinary object, the little toy car starts a journey. Through the roads it travels, the stops, starts, bumps and jams, we see that it is a familiar journey. A journey that we all recognize as yours, mine and any life’s journey.  It is special and dispensible at the same time. One amongst a million! Yet just enough to call it a life.
Suggested age: 7+
Conceptualized & Directed by Choiti Ghosh & Faezeh Jalali

Cast: Trimala Adhikari, Preeti Gupta, Vikas Baid & Pratik Joshi / Rohit Mehra

A Tram Theatre and FATS TheArts Production
Experimental Theatre:
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Godrej Dance Theatre:
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Rs. 250/ (for others)
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