Bakery Survey

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Bakery Survey

To practice using Qualtrics, you are asked to build a short survey for a bakery that would like to see which products their customers have tried recently. Please follow the steps below to create a survey that meets the bakery’s needs.

First, the bakery would like to ask some general questions.

  1. Open Qualtrics and create a new survey through the Quick Survey Builder.

  2. Name the survey “Product Survey” (don’t worry about a destination category)

  3. Add the questions below in multiple choice format:

    1. "What is your gender?” (Male, Female)

    2. “Have you purchased our bakery products in the past month?” (Yes, No, Maybe)

Next, the bakery would like to ask which products the respondent has tried.

  1. Add the following question in multiple-choice format and make sure multiple answers can be selected.

    1. “Which products from our bakery have you tried?”

      1. Cookies

      2. Cake

      3. Rolls

      4. Brownies

      5. Other

  2. Add a text entry box to the “Other” answer choice so respondents can type in another product.

Recently, the bakery has received some negative feedback on their cakes. To further understand the problem, they would like an open-ended question asking respondents for their comments and/or suggestions on the cake.

  1. Add the following question, formatted as “Text Entry”. Change the text box size to “Essay”.

    1. “Do you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve our cake?”

  2. Add a “display logic” to the question so that it only appears if respondents select “cake” in Question 3.

  3. Add a “skip logic” to Question 2, so respondents who choose “No” are skipped to the end of this survey.

Next, add a short introduction to the beginning of the survey to give some brief introductions.

  1. Add a question to the beginning of the survey. Make the question type a “Descriptive Text”. Type the following instructions into the text box:

    1. Thank you for choosing to participate in our survey. The survey will take approximately five minutes and will be completely anonymous. Please click the “>>” button below to continue.

  2. Add a page break after your instruction so that respondents see your instructions on one page.

  3. To add emphasis to your introduction, bold the words “five minutes”. Open the rich text editor and bold the appropriate text.

Save your survey by clicking Launch Survey.

In order to start collecting responses, activate your survey by clicking the Activate Survey button or by clicking the checkbox that is on the left side of the survey name.

Additional Information

To log into Qualtrics go to and login using your ConnectU username and password.

If you are unable to login with your ConnectU username and password, please contact the ITS Help Desk at or 303-352- 7548.

For questions about how to use Qualtrics, please contact the Educational Technology Center at or 303-556-3600.

Thank You

Thank you for attending the “Qualtrics: Bridging through Feedback” presentation!

Misha Fustos,

Diane Watkins,

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