B. A. Part-i (For the Year 2014, 2015 and 2016) English Communication Skills

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B.A. Part-I

(For the Year 2014, 2015 and 2016)
English Communication Skills

One paper of 100 marks to be attempted in three hours

No. of Teaching Periods: 150 Pass Marks: 35%

(Six periods per week) Time: 3 Hours

Course Content:

Two Literary Texts


Grammar and Vocabulary

  1. Texts Prescribed:

  1. Prose Parables (Orient Blackswan, 2013)

The following stories from the above volume are prescribed:

    1. The Kabuliwallah : Rabindranath Tagore

    2. The Eyes Are Not Here: Ruskin Bond

    3. The Death of A Hero: Jai Nimbkar

    4. Grief: Anton Chekov

    5. Uncle Podger Hangs A Picture: Jerome K. Jerome

    6. The Doctor's Word: R.K. Narayan

    7. Green Parrots in A Cage: Gopi Gauba

    8. The Doll's House: Katherine Mansfield

    9. A Service Of Love: O Henry

    10. Dusk: H.H. Munroe (Saki)

  1. The Poetic Palette (Orient Blackswan, 2013)

The following poems from this anthology are prescribed:

    1. Pippa's Song: Robert Browning

    2. Apparently With No Surprise: Emily Dickinson

    3. The Tyger: William Blake

    4. What Do Animals Dream: Yahia Lababidi

    5. Magic Of Love: Helen Farries

    6. The Charge of the Light Brigade: Lord Tennyson

    7. Where the Mind is Without Fear: Rabindranath Tagore

    8. The Soul's Prayer: Sarojini Naidu

    9. I Sit and Look Out: Walt Whitman

    10. The Work of Artifice: Marge Piercy

    11. Whose English is it Anyway?: John Agard

    12. Ars Poetica: Archibald Macleish

  1. Texts Prescribed for Grammar

  1. Oxford Practice Grammar by John Eastwood


Section A

Q. No 1 (a): One essay type question with an internal alternative on theme, incident and character from Prose Parables. The answer should not exceed 200-250 words.

10 marks

(b): Five short answer questions to be attempted (in about 100 words each) out of the given eight from Prose Parables.

2x5= 10 marks
Section B

Q. No 2(a): One essay type question with an internal alternative on main ideas, summary from The Poetic Palette. The answer should not exceed 200-250 words.

10 marks

(b): Two stanzas out of three to be explained with reference to the context from The Poetic Palette.

5x2= 10marks

Section C

Q. No. 3: A paragraph (Descriptive) of about 150 words on any one of the four given topics.

10 marks

Q. No. 4: Translation from English into Hindi or Punjabi of a given passage consisting of ten sentences.


(For those who do not know Punjabi/Hindi)

Paraphrase of a given poetry passage of about 8 to 10 lines.
Section D

Q. No. 5: Ten very short answer questions to be attempted from both the prescribed texts, that is, from Prose Parables and The Poetic Palette (five each from both the texts). Answer to each question to be given in about one line. Each question will carry one mark and there will be no internal choice.

1x10=10 marks

Q. No. 6: This question, having two parts, will be based on Oxford Practice Grammar by John Eastwood

(a): Exercises 1 to 43

15 marks

(b): Exercises 76 to 117

10 marks
A candidate will be required to attempt 15 out of 18 sentences set in (a) and 10 out of 12 in (b).

The examiner shall set 25% sentences from Oxford Practice Grammar and 75% shall be based on the exercises prescribed in each part.

Q. No. 7:

(a): Words commonly misspelt

2 marks

(b): Antonyms and Synonyms

3 marks

In part (a) a candidate shall respond to two out of three words, each carrying one mark

In part (b) a candidate shall give synonyms or antonyms of all the 6 carrying half a mark each.

While no book is prescribed for Q. No. 8, The Student's Companion by Wilfred D. Best is, however, recommended.

The examiner shall give a clear instruction to the candidates to attempt these questions only at one place and only once. Second or subsequent attempts, unless the earlier ones have been crossed out, shall not be evaluated.
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