Avid college Project Requirements

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  • Minimum 8 slide powerpoint
  • College Pennant
  • photo shopped picture of you at the University
  • (I will show you how to do this)
  • 1 page written paper


Slide 6: information about the social life on campus and the

  • Slide 6: information about the social life on campus and the
  • opportunities or extra-curricular possibilities.
  • Slide 7: Choose a field of concentration that you may be
  • interested in pursuing. Do a detailed analysis of the
  • courses which will be required for this major and a
  • detailed discussion of professional possibilities which
  • will be open to you with this major.
  • Slide 8:
  • How many years of school does this career require?
  • Explain your career.
  • How much money do you stand to earn?
  • Include why this school interested you and how you feel
  • now that you have done this in-depth study.
  • Due April 20

College Pennant

  • You will receive 1 cardstock pennant to showcase your University.
  • Your pennant should be appealing to attract people to your university.
  • We will have a Gallery walk and point system of your University Pennants to determine the most appealing.
  • Due April 27

Photo shopped picture of you at your university.

  • Using microsoft Paint or another picture editing program make a picture of yourself at your university.
  • Due April 27

Writing options

  • Persuade another student to attend this school
  • Persuade your parents to let you attend this school
  • Write an analytical assessment of the schools strengths and weaknesses
  • Write a letter home as if you were a student at the school just starting the second semester of your freshman year
  • Due May 4

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