Aufgabenbeispiel Qualifikationsphase 2, Leistungskurs, Halbjahr: Quartal Globalisation coming to Ghana

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Qualifikationsphase 2, Leistungskurs, 1. Halbjahr: 2. Quartal
Globalisation coming to Ghana

Making the global village work, Q2 (LK), 1. Halbjahr: 2. Quartal

Your school regularly corresponds with teachers and students at your partner school in Ghana, a senior high school in Accra, the country’s capital. Apart from informal email contacts, each term there is an official correspondence project. This term’s topic for the project is ‘Making the global village work: the effects of globalisation on different countries’.

In this task you will focus on relevant aspects you need to take into consideration when mediating information from German into English in a written form.

The different subtasks will lead you step by step to the final product (an email to your epal from Ghana).
You will …

Worksheet 1
How to work on written mediation tasks
(German English)

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