Arrive on time to archery practice to participate with good sportsmanship to follow

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Archery Application

As a member of the archery team I, __________________, agree to the following:

  • to arrive on time to archery practice.

  • to participate with good sportsmanship.

  • to follow all the rules of the NASP program.

  • to maintain my academic performance in my classes.

  • to consistently meet the expectations of our school wide PBIS.

I am aware that if I am unable to comply with the above, that I will be unable to participate as a member of the archery team. I understand that if I am tardy without a valid excuse 3 times in a quarter I will no longer be on the archery team. I understand my parent must pick me up on time each week at 4:15. I understand my teacher must sign my application in order for me to participate and if my academic performances are not acceptable I will not be eligible for the team.

Please complete the essay as part of your application. Explain why you are interested in the sport of archery. Why should you be selected for this opportunity?

I have read the above and am aware of the requirements.

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