Aquaculture Project Options

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Aquaculture Project Options

  1. Create a 10-15 slide/frame presentation explaining the difference between Aquaculture, Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

  2. Tilapia are the most commonly used fish in aquaculture; create a brochure about tilapia.

  3. Sweet Water Organics in Milwaukee, WI is an urban aquaponics facility. Research Sweet Water Organics and create a full page advertisement for their company.

  4. Aquaculture has been practiced since 6000B.C. write a two page essay on the history of aquaculture.

  5. Many people who are vegetarian eat fish. Research the animal welfare (well being of the animal) of fish and write a letter to a “vegetarian” explaining why they should/shouldn’t include fish in their diet.

  6. Aquaculture can be performed to harvest a variety of different fish, plants, crustaceans and mollusks. Choose three species commonly harvested from aquaculture and create a glog about them.

  7. Chose one geographical region and describe their aquaculture in a 10-15 slide/frame presentation. Include location, species, economic value, environmental issues and history.

  8. R & D Aquafarms, Inc. is our local aquaculture dealership based out of Oshkosh. Explore their website and create a proposal that could be shared with the school board on what type of aquafarm we should purchase for our classroom and why. Include design, educational value and cost.

  9. Many people choose to create their own small scale aquafarms or aquaponics facilities out of pails, bottles, and fishtanks. Research small scale-low cost aquafarms and design a plan for the building of one in our classroom. Include cost, materials and sketch/photo of design.

  10. Florida is the leading state in integration of aquaculture into classrooms. They learn about the aquaculture in agriculture classes but then relate it all subject areas including math, English, science, history, Spanish, technology education, business education and family and consumer education. Create a diagram showing how aquaculture could be related to the subject areas above. Give an minimum of three examples per subject area.

Grading: All work will be graded based on quality, professionalism and information shared when portfolio is submitted. Projects should have at least one cited photo, any information that is researched should be cited.

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