Apush supply List (see syllabus for more details)

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APUSH Supply List (see syllabus for more details)

  1. Large 3 ring binder

  2. 10 Dividers

  1. Notebook paper (wide or college ruled)

4. Yellow, 8 ½ X 11 writing pad (if you prefer a pastel color other than yellow that is acceptable)

  1. Ink pens, almost all work will be completed in ink!

Students are encouraged to get a good pen that they feel comfortable with for essay writing (black or blue)

For other activities, students may use a variety of colors

  1. High quality eraser

(This is optional but comes in handy on scantrons/multiple choice tests, because poor erasures may cause grading errors)
9. #2 Pencils to be used ONLY on scantrons… all other work will be completed in ink.

  1. Diligence

APUSH Summer Assignment:

  1. Read the “Welcome” section on our class website http://rhandlonclass.weebly.com/

  2. Obtain materials

  3. It might be a good idea and worthwhile to access and read the Introduction to the AMSCO AP US History book online… this is the book we use heavily during the entire school year.


  1. If you really enjoy reading and want a better grasp on the United States founding fathers then a good book is “Founding Brothers” by Joseph Ellis.

  2. Have a fantastic summer and come back in August rested up and ready to rock.

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